Star Wars: Predators

Assassination Aboard the Crucible

Predator Squadron explored the Zygerrian palace that turned out to be a ship. They found a hologram of a Sith Lord claiming to be Lord of the Crucible.

They convinced Prince Sono Molec that his father was plotting against him (and gathered future blackmail material to use against the Prince) and watched the dominoes fall.

The Prince launched a stand-off against the King, this escalated into a multi-way fight involving the Mandalorians, the Parallax Chain, Black Sun and the ISB. The Prince’s Sword killed the King, and then left. The group evacuated the chamber as Bob launched a series of Sith war droids into the chamber with directives to pacify the fighting.

Everyone evacuated the Sith ship onto the Honey Badger, but Bob elected to stay behind to see what he could learn from the ship. (Cassie was able to acquire information on the ship’s projected course – it was heading through the Outer-Rim and towards the Unknown Regions, the rest of Predator Squadron said they would attempt to catch up to Bob after their immediate obligations to the Rebel Alliance were completed).



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