Star Wars: Predators


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Tobin has received an anonymous message in the aftermath of Xerxes’s death. It reads:

Come to the Vallinor Tea Gardens, Hanna City. Tomorrow at midday. Come alone.

Tobin finds the Vallinor Tea Gardens on the outskirts of the city, set atop a cliff face overlooking much of the beach. Winding paths lead back and forth amidst the bushes and flowers from various worlds (including an Alderaanian section), they weave through fountains and connect various clusters of tables together. Many table clusters are surrounded by ornately engraved privacy patricians. Droids flit about carrying various orders to different tables.

Tobin spots Captain Volin in a secluded grove that overlooks the beach. There are two tables in this cluster, surrounded by a privacy patrician. Volin is sat in the one facing the approaching path, apparently reading some filmsiplast notes – he looks like many of the other officials that you’ve spotted taking their lunch in the gardens.

The seat at the table behind him is empty, enabling Tobin to sit back-to-back with Volin, granting him a nice view of the beach.

Tobin swirled in with his rich purple robes around him; without the hood the and the mask for most the Rodian would have seemed like a young diplomat or noble, with his cybernetic arm concealed nicely by a pair of gloves. Tucked under his arm was a hefty book, which detailed an obscure novel from 20 years ago about romance in the Republic, about a clone that settled into a farm. Seemed somewhat appropriate given the renaissance in effect.

Without comment the Rodian set in behind Volin, not speaking immediately but instead taking a moment to admire the long sea view, as someone new to the region would, before he opened his book and began to read, he would leave it a minute, as one always did when taking scope of the environment, before he then began talking. It was a stretch to call it fluent basic, but he at least seemed to attempt to remove all slang from his speech patterns.

“I feel you are either here to congratulate me for taking a few weeks out of my busy schedule for psychological re-assement, which I might add is a wasteful usage of my time.”

He gave pause; to look around to check the other persons before he continued.

“Alternatively you feel like talking about my other posting. 5 months on; my requests have yielded no proof for advancement. It has been frustrating to say the least.”

“How about a bit of both?” he says, “You said you’d level the playing field – you’ve made no progress at all? Well then, that exacerbates your new problem. These evaluations…”

Volin pauses, Tobin can practically hear his eyes furtively checking for observers.

“My concerns for the Squadron have always primarily been related to sanity, and usually I would be glad that you have finally decided to get help. But I have tried to cover for you and run interference for these last 5 months. Only now I find the very concerns I myself raised for months are raised from within the Squadron itself, as your collective mental health spirals out of control. Do you have any idea how serious this is at all?”

“Within the squad?”

The Rodian commented drily then mouthed some obscenity, not wishing to draw attention with foul languge., behind Volin he gave what sounded like visible huff, as he turned over the page. He had vaguely heard something as he was walking away from Dean; he was already factoring in damage control, so This had just made his job 20 times harder and potentially doomed the squad to the same obscurity that Wedge was subjected to.

“You don’t have to tell me, given what happened to Wedge over that whole liberation business. Seems every time I’m absent, even for a day something fun happens, like what happened to Xerxes. Kinda surprised the squad survived a whole two weeks while I were stranded on Gand. Truth be told Kaida is a good operative, but she’s starting to struggle because of the responsibility.”

Squad’s in it’s dying days I feel.

The Rodian fell silent for a few moments from the hushed whispering, casting his gaze around, thankfully a Rodian’s gaze was never oblivious.

“That’s why I’m thinkin’ of changing the game a little. I’m going to apply more vigorously for that promotion and make a few favours. This could create a few fluctuations in the stock market so I’m just asking, iss this position worth so much to you?”

He was referring to the crystal while using other words, a common tactic.

Tobin was curious after all, was he ready for what Tobin would have to do?

There is a long pause, Volin is clearly contemplative. He sighs and half turns his head, so Tobin can see the side of his face, “I fear the hour is later than you realise. Things have gotten politically complex – shooting corpses in briefing rooms and squad members becoming pavement pizza have that effect”.

He starts shuffling around his documents and packing them into a briefcase.

“I came to see you out of courtesy and to check the status of our deal. Unfortunately my hands are being tied. I’ve done what I can to forestall things, but it won’t be enough. Everything hinges on these evaluations”.

He stands up, and turns, appearing as if he’s surveying the view.

“Sincerely, I wish you the best of luck,” Volin mutters out of the side of his mouth, “If you have a play that you think may help, I suggest you utilise it. Whilst I would love to help with the promotion, I fear I will be of little use. I just wanted to be sure you understood what was at stake here”.

The Rodian nodded slowly as he continued reading, he turned the page with his finger as he continued.

“I appreciate that and all that you have done for me. Given that they will very likely arrive at our assets soon, if they haven’t already started doing so already. I’ll just make sure it’s there to recover.”

With that Tobin watched Volin walk off he waited for 5 minutes, finishing the particular chapter before he closed the book and continued on, despite his stiff attire Volin had been a man of his word, with a flick turned his encrypted com to a number he hadn’t used in some time, dialled it.

All I need to do now is for the Bothans to take the crystal from the squad, follow it back to the source and take it and the scanner used to verify it. Hopefully Cassie kept it safe. The information held on that chip might be our only salivation.

“we need to meet now to discuss an exchange. Where are you?”

Rest and Relaxation in the New Republic

Mission Roster

On Lothal, Ghost, Tobin and Xerxes travelled to the former site of the Jedi Temple to investigate. They found traces of Havod’s power and confirmed how he ended up bonded with Sandraudiga. After some time they realised they were being watched by six Loth-Wolves.

They approached one – far larger than the others and bearing a 3-pronged fork-like symbol on its forehead, “Doom,” it said. Ghost got the sense that it was some sort of guardian, it held great concern for Lothal, but when it looked upon the group it felt hope. Tobin attempted to reach into it’s mind – he received a vision of darkness, in that darkness red pinpricks of light took hold as they formed swirling patterns enveloping him. A dark shrouded figure approached him, wearing a white expressionless mask. It spoke with many voices, saying “It is not for you”. Tobin then promptly passed out. The Wolf continued “Restore past, redeem future. Doorways within doorways. Doorways eternal”.

Dean visits General Calrissian at his Lothal farm. He raises grave concerns about the mental health of the squadron, requesting everyone be put on psychological review. He threatens to go over Lando’s head to General Rieekan should Lando be unwilling. Landon agrees with the need to at least consider things and comes up with an excuse to assign the squadron to Chandrilla (the capital of the New Republic), where they have the proper resources and impartial staff to conduct a psychological evaluation.

Jibril takes Riza and Tio shopping. She had an unfortunate encounter with some Black Sun goons who were convinced she owed them around 15,000 credits. Jibril managed to defuse the situation and convince the thugs that it was more trouble than it was worth to engage her over this matter at this stage.

Upon returning to their shuttle, everyone receives their requisitioned New Republic reward and they receive a comm message from Lando explaining their temporary reassignment to Chandrilla. He didn’t mention psychological evaluations, but instead explained that Grand Admiral Sloane’s Galactic Empire had reached out to the New Republic, seemingly interested in ceasefire talks. There’s to be a conference held on Chandrilla in 3 weeks time and Predator Squadron are to be brought in to aid security.

Predator Squadron depart Lothal in waves:

  • The Angel’s Tear will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive at Chandrilla. R3-P17 is in temporary command, they’re carrying liberated prisoners from Gand and bodies of deceased combatants.
  • The Honey Badger will take about 6 days (including a brief stop-over). Dean, Ghost, Jibril, Xerxes, Zarcus and the sisters will travel abroad it.
  • The Dusk Mynock will take about 7 days to arrive at Chandrilla. Tobin will be travelling alone.

Pit-Stops – Felucia and Gand

Tobin contacted Jacen Briggs to request his assistance at Coruscant in dealing with Havod and the Wraith. Jacen said he would try to do what he could.

Tobin then travelled to Gand, where he met up with Cobra Talonbane of the Syndicate. Tobin explained the situation at Chandrilla to Talonbane, who still appeared bitter about the lack of dreadnaught at the Battle of Gand. Tobin also passed along the mysterious co-ordinates he pulled off Lieutenant Ravik/Klevic’s corpse, Talonbane said he’d consider exploring them as there may be something valuable at the other end. Talonbane also mentioned that he may have some vaults he could do with borrowing the Skeleton Key to open.

The rest of the group arrived at Felucia, where Ghost hoped to contact Jedi Master Suljo Warde. There was a storm over the site of Warde’s camp, so Ghost, Dean and Riza flew down in a LAAT/i, whilst Jibril stayed aboard the Honey Badger with Xerxes (recovering from her unsuccessful cybernetic surgery).

Dean aced the piloting down to the camp and set the speeder down. It was deserted, lit only by occasional flashes of lightning and the floodlights of the LAAT/i. Examine the camp, they found a constructed wooden supply store and a half-built cabin (clearly untouched for some time), the area was littered with blaster scorch marks.

Dean and Riza found an Imperial issue motion sensor in the storage hut, which was devoid of useful supplies. Ghost encountered a trip mine on her way up to a nearby cave, and was ambushed by a one-armed Stormtrooper. She quickly realised this was Tacker, a clone trooper who served with Warde in the Clone Wars.

They brought Tacker back to the ship and Jibril nursed him back to health. He explained that approximately 6 months ago, TIE Bombers roared over their village and the Empire swept in. Imperial commandos led by a masked silver-haired woman with a spinning red lightsaber. They cut off Tacker’s arm, shooting him in the back 3 times – presumably they thought he was dead. When he came to, Warde was gone. He ran out of food 2 weeks ago, so it’s lucky Predator Squadron arrived when they did.

Welcome to Chandrilla – A New Dawn

The group arrive at Chandrila.

Jibril negotiates her place on the surgery waiting list at Chandrilla Medical Centre. They move her up to 2 weeks on the waiting list, but are unable to do more without a letter from a psychologist saying the surgery is essential for her mental wellbeing.

Dean meets up with old friend Wedge Antilles and finds out about his current troubles.

Xerxes goes high-altitude base jumping over the industrial sector of Chandrilla during a storm with disasterous results.

Ghost meets with General Rieekan and discusses the current tactical situation and the need for the squad to be evaluated.

Tobin arrives at Chandrilla.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, but rolled 8.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered this session. He gained 2 conflict, but rolled 10, so went up 16.
  • Funeral expenses.
The Battle of Gand Concludes
Lothal Visions and Black Spire

Mission Roster

The Battle for Gand Begins
Mysteries of Lothal and Attacking the Shield Gate

Mission Roster

  • Zarcus travels to Lothal, where Ves introduces him to Sandraudiga at the Lothal Liberation Museum. Zarcus explains his quest to find a Shard, Sandraudiga explains he has a quest of his own, one that could help Zarcus with his quest. Sandraudiga plans to steal the Holocron of Kanan Jarrus, which is located at the Lothal Senate Building. Zarcus warns Sandraudiga of the cost of betrayal, threatening him with a green fireball.
  • Zarcus talks their way into the building, manages to get right up to the Administrator and convinces her that there’s been a threat to the Holocron and that he was here to protect it. She hands it over to him and they depart.
  • They travel to the far north of the Lothal tundra, to the site of a now lost Jedi Temple. Parking up, Sandraudiga explains that he’s meeting a contact who will furnish them with the ability to perform a ritual that will divine the location of that which Zarcus seeks.
  • Unfortunately this contact turns out to be the Wraith, who vows to Sandraudiga, proclaiming him “Master”. The Wraith brings forth a Sith Holocron and they have Zarcus open the one stolen from the Senate, merging them together.
  • Zarcus receives a vision of a shard sat amongst a Lothal market place. He also sees a pathway laid out amongst the stars (literally), portals stretching off this pathway at every turn. He sees the Wraith and Sandraudiga opening a doorway beneath the Imperial Palace on Coruscant and seizing ultimate power.
  • Sandraudiga lays things out to Zarcus and Ves – they can either join him in their new Sith ranks (led by him, Havod), or they can die. Ves proposes she provides a distraction, allowing Zarcus to escape. Zarcus refuses though, he agrees to go along with the Sith, but once Havod is aboard the shuttle, he has Ves flee.
  • Unfortunately the Wraith was much faster and was able to intercept Ves. He brutally murdered her in front of Zarcus as Havod returned to the scene. Havod raised himself up on a dias formed with the ground and the Force, before blasting Force lightning into the surrounding bush grass in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Zar. Finally he approached Zarcus and said to him that they still had a use for him, but warned him to the cost of escape, threatening him with a ball of Force lightning.
  • The rest of Predator Squadron launched their invasion plan for Gand.
  • They brought the Angel’s Tear in slow and quiet, using the stealth systems to approach Imperial lines, only announcing their presence with the distraction of a blazing a Predator Squadron symbol on some wreckage. During this time they witnessed the Hammer of Vengeance departing the system with a large contingent of the Imperial fleet (although it was still more than capable of defending the system).
  • Dean and Xerxes launched in fighters and began attacking the Golan defence platforms and the Shield Gate’s defences.
  • Riza and Ghost launched in The Skeleton Key and began a boarding action against the Shield Gate.


  • Dean encountered Lieutenant Klevic flying a TIE Defender and the two engaged in an epic dogfight. Unfortunately this resulted in Dean being shot down, and ultimately Xerxes too losing his fighter.
  • The boarding action was ultimately successful, Predator Squadron captured the station and signalled for the New Republic forces to begin attacking.
  • Dean and Xerxes regrouped with the rest of the squad, witnessing a flight of TIE Defenders heading to the surface as Predator Squadron opened up a hole in the planetary shields.
  • They gained some intel on two potential major targets – the main factory at Gand, the capital city of Gand; of Black Spire, supposedly Klevic’s base of operations.
  • Predator Squadron got ready in the Skeleton Key to drop down to the surface, approaching the city with the New Republic invasion force.
  • Jibril arrived with the Syndicate forces. Talonbane wasn’t happy that his promised prize wasn’t there, but Jibril managed to avoid having to pay the Syndicate forces any more, before departing for the Angel’s Tear.
  • They managed to reopen communication lines with Tobin on the surface.he had followed some footprints through the desert and found a large dish structure with a huge Black Spire in the centre, nestled in the mountains. Tobin watched as a flight of TIE Defenders arrived and he spied Klevic entering a turbolift atop the spire, followed by a bizarre Porg.
  • The group made ready to attack the city, possibly also planning to send forces to reinforce Tobin’s position at Black Spire.

Rewards and Experience

  • 15 XP this session.
  • Riza gained 4 conflict this session, rolling 6, going up to 66 Morality.
  • Xerxes’s Morality was triggered this session, he rolled 3, going up to 63.
  • Zarcus gained 8 Conflict this session, he rolled 2, going down by 6 to 46.
  • Duty will be handled in one go once the Battle of Gand has concluded.
Destruction of the Rylothian Citadel
Gand Down

Mission Roster

  • The group are leaving the hanger of the Citadel. On the comm to Gand in the reactor, he tells them to get the hell out of there.
  • The White light consumes Gand as the radiation pours into the chamber.
  • Gand’s Porg appears on the escape craft. Strange stuff starts happening.
  • Gand implodes the reactor to prevent a planet-wide catastrophe.
  • The Hammer of Vengeance takes off, rocketing through the upper atmosphere. Zarcus attempts to avoid the massive bulk and the pressure wave it gives off as it rises, but he’s unsuccessful. Despite Cham’s aid, he crashed into the surface of the planet.
  • Liberator Wing arrives, Dean and Xerxes leading the starfighter charge to the atmosphere. Both competing with each other and both leading on the respective merits they’re tracking (Dean on kills, Xerxes on speed).
  • The rest of the squad picks up Zarcus. Cham asks what happened with the Citadel. They explain what Gand did and his sacrifice. Cham asks his name. Predator Squadron take off to the Twi’leks chanting “Ghandi! Ghandi! Ghandi!”.
  • The Hammer of Vengeance promptly ignores Liberator Wing and jumping to hyperspace with some of the Imperial fleet. The squad form up with Liberator Wing and withdraw.
  • Each of the squad reels from Gand’s death in their own way.
  • Gand’s memorial service – all bar Jibril attend.
  • Lando announces that Chancellor Mon Mothma has confirmed upon Gand the Medal of Alderaan, saying his actions were above and beyond the call of duty, saving the lives of billions upon Ryloth’s surface. Gand exemplified the very best of the New Republic, and what we can achieve when we work together. His example gives us an ideal to strive towards, and although there may be sacrifices along the way, hopefully they will not be in vain. One day we will have lasting peace, and it will be in part down to his actions.
  • Zarcus departs for Lothal with Zar, a borrowed astromech and a Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle that belonged to Gand.
  • The New Republic plans to now move on Gand (the planet) and liberate it.
  • Insert their plan for doing so here.
  • En route to Lothal, Zarcus converses with Ves, asking after his children. Ves informs him that progress has been slow, but she has some promising leads on Lothal. She’s recruited a knowledgable scholar to aid them, he’s a collector of antiquities and is well versed in the lost mysteries of Lothal – his name is Sandraudiga.


In the wastes of Gand, Tobin marches through the desert. The wind howls. A pinging alarm blares in his ear, warning him of just how little precious oxygen he has left. A sandstorm rolls in, he has no visibility.

A shape appears in the sand, a shadowed figure. Tobin claws his way towards the figure, but it vanishes before his eyes. It reappears in the distance and Tobin again makes his way towards it. The figure vanishes and reappears again. Over and over this happens, Tobin desperately low on oxygen.

Finally he comes to a cave, the figure standing outside, pointing inside. Stepping out of the storm, Tobin finds the bodies of two Imperial scout troopers lying next to a burnt out campfire, clearly killed by some sort of creature, but miraculously their oxygen tanks are intact.

“Who, are you?”

Tobin’s voice croaked from disuse

“Hello, how are you my friend?”

The rumble of the Gands voice, a deep earthy rumble accompanied by the clicking of mandibles brought both a sense of relief and confort. Like the time they spent around the forge.

“Gand? How did you get here? Last time we spoke we were at a campsite 9 days ago, you said you had a calling to find the way, a camp fire like th-”

The Rodian paused, the camp fire was now ablaze, how? The matter seemed suddenly seemed unimportant, the two days he had spent awake had tired him and even as he spoke to his old friend he felt his last reserves of energy leaving him. Sleep called, yet all he wanted this moment was to talk. Aside from the scream he had remained silent these last two days, and unproductive for 7 more, he needed this.

“Like, this one. Did you find what you were looking for?”

“This one never finished Gand findsman training, but what I found taught me where exactly where I needed to be.”


“Right here, on Gand. You just had got here first.”

The Rodian and the Gand laughed, it was good to finally laugh, dismissing the I. Strange, but he must had misheard it. Gandhi never referred to himself in any format, even to the nickname Tobin gave him.

“Aha, always the way. only Tobin Stryder could do the impossible and breach a shield by accident. Still, not much of a short cut if you made it here before me. How did you get here anyway.”

There was a silence that spoke louder then words, the Gand just met his gaze,

“I took a different route to get here.”

The implication hit Tobin like a sledgehammer. The Rodian let his gold gaze flicker toward the campfire.

Gandhi was gone.

There was no deep sorrow, no screams, it was a moment of simple understanding between two friends. Gand had died in the short time Tobin was absent, this would be the last time they would ever speak, yet with that finality came acceptance and a question.

“But, you are needed here.”

“And I am.”

The Rodian turned his gaze back up to meet “Gandhi.” He was there, his face unreadable as always, the Rodian couldn’t help but let a little laughter out, then opened his mouth to say something, anything.

Then exhaustion took over, for once there wasn’t anything to say. For the moment he felt 3 years younger, less experienced, at a time before the war, before they were scarred. As his conscious faded Gand briefly appeared as he once did, his dark insect like eyes watching over Tobin he sat vigal around the campfire, Gand could never smile, yet his gentle humble radience required no expression.

He was always just a Gand.

“You will get where you are going by moving forwards. I will be always watching over you, Tobin.”

With that, Tobin fell into rest.

The next morning the Rodian was alone. He took a minute to gradually wake before he rose, he walked past the campfire and followed the broad steps that lead outside. Gandhi was nowhere to be seen yet the storm had past completely, all that remained was a series of footprints that lead into the desert and the horizon of durasteel that lay beyond. Tobin Stryder paused momentarily, taking a moment to check the canister of oxygen that hung as a humble lifeline, before he pressed onwards. In front of him was his mission, a landscape of oppression that had to be cleared, a people repressed.

Despite the solitude though his stride felt twice as strong and any flaw in his determination had been purged, for he didn’t walk alone now. He carried both his own dreams and that of his friend who had, out of all the squad wanted to free his home. In his stand Tobin would be ready to act, he could feel the winds that despite the loss of Gandhi that enforcement was coming, the greaving could wait until after the liberation of Gand.

Gandhi was truly the best of the worst. This was the least Tobin could do.

Tobin Stryder walked on, behind him the outline of Gand followed, curious in the path the Rodian followed.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP this session.
  • Zarcus reduced a Debt Obligation by 5, but has yet to fully pay it off.
    • Note: Upon arriving at Lothal, Zarcus will have 34 days left on his countdown.
  • Duty (need to sort).
  • Morality changes.
Secrets of the Rylothian Citadel

Mission Roster

  • Dean and Numa are at her village. Dean explains he can’t contact the others and plans to go to Liberator Wing for help in the stolen TIE Defender. Numa explains her place is here with her planet, taking some nearby speeder bikes from a cache to meet up with the Free Ryloth Resistance.
  • Dean heads into orbit, scanning the positions of the local Star Destroyers and weaving his way through the Imperial patrols. Unfortunately he’s spotted and intercepted by some TIE Fighters, but he convinces them that he’s on a secret mission. Dean programmes in the course to Liberator Wing carefully, making sure to make multiple jumps to avoid being tracked, and jumps to hyperspace.
  • Gand and Jibril are in the weather vane station atop the Citadel, having just watched a procession of Imperial dignitaries arrive.
  • They head down to the gardens, where they’re intercepted by a creepy security droid. They advise the droid that they’re heading to check out the barracks.
  • Gand and Jibril split up. Gand heads to the hanger to begin disabling shuttles. Jibril heads for the barracks, pursued by the droid.
  • Gand immediately gets intercepted by troopers, he stands out as a slave. He explains that it’s his first day, and that he was sent here. The troopers didn’t believe him, however, and decide to take him to see his owner, Ravik.
  • Gand enters a lushly decorated penthouse, overlooking the gardens atop the Citadel. He’s led through a lobby with a massive fountain. The area is guarded by Deathtroopers. He’s taken to a large office with the Imperial crest adorned in the stone floor. Here he meets Moff Ravik, who offers him some tea. Ravik interrogates him a little, before determining that he has a special job for Gand that he won’t like, but on the bright side it will send Gand home.
  • Jibril in the barracks with the droid, then finding the servants to sneak through the gardens.
  • Zarcus and Ghost are with the Ryloth Resistance. They move out on their mission.
  • Zarcus sneaks into the city, bypassing the scanners by hiding in a cart.
  • Ghost and Riza scout the airbase again.
  • Zarcus gets intercepted by an Imperial officer. Zarcus tries to convince the Imperial officer that he’s an Imperial intelligence agent, and the officer should leave him the hell alone. Unfortunately the officer was expecting an Intelligence agent – he was here to collect him to give a briefing, he insists Zarcus accompanies him. Zarcus refuses and begins his infiltration of the city shield generator facility. He’s spotted quickly and dispatches an AT-PT by throwing off the cliff. Unfortunately the base goes on high alert and he’s then attacked by stormtroopers and the martini wielding martial artist, Imperial Intelligence agent Jimmy Bland. Zarcus removes the stormtroopers, but Bland is persistent. Zarcus eventually gets a good blow in, but Jimmy dives over the cliff edge, deploying a paraglider emblazoned with the Imperial crest. Zarcus crushes his wings, sending him plummeting to the ground, which is the signal for the Free Ryloth Movement to attack the shield.
  • After a few hours waiting, Ghost spots an incoming convoy with 3 massive container speeders. She leaves Riza with the Twi’leks and takes over for the rear guard. Infiltrating the base, she starts planting detonite on the fuel tanks and local sensor array, before returning to Riza.
  • Dean briefs Lando on the situation. Liberator Wing are now on their way.
  • Jibril infiltrates the Governor’s quarters, evading his notice. She then sneaks into the party, beginning to socialise with some of the Imperials present.
  • Gand decides to go down to the slave pens and begins liberating slaves. He hacks a few collars and eventually overrides a remote on that floor, freeing them all. He leads them in revolting against the Empire, and raiding the lower-vehicle bay for a Juggernaut tank. Gand then decides to try and get a closer look at the reactor.
  • Ravik enters the party and begins his briefing. He says that the situation cannot continue with the Empire so fractured. The disparate factions must unite, he proposes that they do so in an Imperial democracy – led by a council elected by the members. He truly believes that this is the only way to save the Empire.
  • The dignitaries consider this proposal – Governor from Kessel isn’t happy because it doesn’t address that Ravik’s son has been siphoning off his defence fleet. Zsinj’s representative says Zsinj is open to the proposal on one condition – that Ravik give Zsinj his first-born son. Ravik considers this for a moment, considers some more and then replies, “If Zsinj can find him, Zsinj can keep him”.
  • The ground around the citadel starts shaking, the drinks start rippling. They leave the briefing room and enter the lounge, where they see Ravik’s flagship, the Hammer of Justice being brought into the atmosphere. Ravik has a brief comm call with his son, where his son explains that it’s finally time to step out of the Moff’s shadow. The dreadnought starts firing on the Citadel.
  • From the city they watch in stunned silence as the Hammer roars overhead, angling towards the Citadel.
  • Zarcus and Ghost quickly comm each other, deciding now is the time to steal a ship and evacuate.
  • Ghost grabs Riza and flies over the airfield to a shuttle. They steal it and start heading for the Citadel.
  • Zarcus raids the civilian spaceport for a ship, he flies it to the marketplace, where he helps General Cham Syndulla in getting as many people aboard as possible. Fully loaded with resistance fighters and refugees, he takes off.
  • On his way to the reactor, Gand passes by a window and sees the Hammer of Justice opening fire upon the Citadel. He continues on for the reactor.
  • Jibril tries convincing the disparate Imperials to come with her. Unfortunately, as Zsinj’s representative points out, there is still an active state of war between the parties and their current predicament changes nothing. They all evacuate separately, save Ravik, who stares out the window at his flagship, muttering “I gave that boy everything, and still it wasn’t enough”.
  • Gand enters the reactor (fighting the guards, etc).
  • Gand is faced with his choice…
  • Jibril and Ravik’s final words, Jibril gets to the hanger as Riza/Ghost arrive. Riza asks Jibril where Gand is. Jibril comms Gand, barely getting through. Gand explains his predicament.
  • Gand decides to try and prevent the reactor from exploding. He is successful, but at great cost…

Rewards and Experience

  • Morality and Duty will be handled next week.
  • 25 XP this session.
  • More tears than Kamino can contain.
Shadow of the Rylothian Citadel

Mission Roster

  • Risa and Tio went to Jibril’s quarters and found a new message written in blood outside her cargo hold. It read “Traitor, Snitch, Coward, Back Stabber, for The Demon of the Harlot’s Revenge sees and hears all”. Tio, it turned out, had been spending the last two days living in the ship’s air ducts (having not left Jibril’s room after their dinner, remaining hidden and deciding to explore). Tio led Risa through a route in the vents to get to Jibril’s room. Together they surprised her and Risa offered her ice cream. Unfortunately Jibril was allergic to the strawberry in the ice cream. The clones left after showing Jibril the message.
  • The Angel’s Tear arrived at the staging area outside the Ryloth system. General Calrissian briefed them on where they could contact the Free Ryloth resistance (a shadowport known as Canyon Kreek). He also delivered to them the schematics of Moff Ravik’s Citadel.
  • They travelled to Ryloth aboard the Intruder_, slipping by the sizeable Imperial presence in orbit (which included Ravik’s flagship from the Battle of Mon Cala, the Hammer of Vengeance) undetected and making their way to the shadowport. The shaowport was located in an area currently undergoing a months-long eclipse, down a thermal vent and into an underground cavern. Lava flowed everywhere, but haphazard walkways and bridges connected landing pads with stalls. At the rear of the cavern a large castle was built into the wall, although it’s turrets and battlements were upside down.
  • Jibril managed to charm her way into getting a free stay and upgrade to a luxury secured hanger. Dean and Ghost tracked down the Resistance and met with Numa, the local leader. Numa was a huge fan of the squad, and the way they take the fight to the Empire.
The Grand Granee Noopa Epilogue
Pit-Stop at Nar Shaddaa

Mission Roster

  • They arrive on Nar Shaddaa and are immediately intercepted by Mandalorians. They claim their employer received an anonymous tip that Zarcus the Hutt Slayer was travelling to the planet with the intentions of doing great harm to Hutts. They were ordered to bring Zarcus before their employer.
  • They landed at their planned dock. Zarcus agreed to go with the Mandalorians. Jibril, Risa and Dean went shopping whilst Ghost and Gand stayed to organise the loading of their shuttle.
  • It transpired that due to the nature of their “special order” the droids required the dock master to sign off on it, unfortunately he’d stepped out for lunch at that moment at a cafe nearby. Ghost went to the cafe, a grim greasy spoon, where she encountered a very unwell Gungan – he was the dock master. She brought him back to the docks and got a consignment of medical droids to analyse him, but unfortunately they couldn’t say much beyond him having incredibly grim symptoms and a dire need of treatment.
  • The shopping trip group stopped by a pawnbrokers, where Jibril offloaded 10 of the 20 of the coins she acquired on Kor Desilijic. Risa was attracted to the display of artefacts, Jibril generously bought Risa a scroll – a copy of the Lasan Chronicles of the Three. They found out that a crime lord named Grentho was an avid collector of historical artefacts, and might be a more suitable buyer for Jibril’s further coins/ardos disks. They also go clothes shopping where JIbril bought Riza a Smugglers Trenchcoat. Dean acquired a E-22S rifle.
  • Zarcus and the Mando fight. Zarcus meets Grentho.
  • Jibril splits from the group and gives her Ardos disk to Dean and Risa (but retains the 10 coins), who go then to Grenthos to sell them. Meet up with Zarcus at the bar. All travel back to the Angel’s Tear.
  • Jibril meets up with Ghost and the medical droids to diagnose the Gungan. Manages to get a sample of the black liquid from a boil on his tounge but unable to diagnose it just yet. Instructs the droids to take the Gungan to the shuttle so he can be treated on the ship. Jibril then meets Gand at a local junkyard and 5x droids at her request. Gand fixes Jibril’s 3-MAL Comlink for her and then Jibril negotiates with the junkyard owner to purchase lightened durasteel, 4x repulsor lifts and control units. Droids carry these items back to the shuttle and both Jibril and Gand arrive on the Angel’s Tear.
  • Ghost gets the remaining crew consignment aboard the newly christened Angel’s Tear. Travok returns. Holy abomination in cargo hold 4, which Jibril rents from Ghost for 1,000c a month, giving her the first payment then and there.
  • The ship sets course to meet up with Liberator Wing…

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP this session.
  • Zarcus increased his Debt Obligation by 5 as he extended the loan with the New Republic.
  • Zarcus gained a 10 point Contract Obligation with Grentho. He has 60 days from the end of this adventure to recover the Nardathi Cluster for the crime lord.
  • Ghost rolled 4 Morality, going up to 100.
  • Risa gained 2 conflict, rolling 4, going up to 32.
  • Zarcus gained 12 conflict, rolling 8. His Morality was triggered this session, so he went down by 8 to 48.

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