Star Wars: Predators

Ghosts of Dathomir Part 3

Mission Roster

  • Predator Squadron rescued Yeel Dresk and escaped from the ISB incursion.
  • Yeel Dresk explained about his connection to the shard and his family history. Plus the connections to the company X, he considered going to Bogdan to try and acquire black market information on them.
  • Zarcus, Tobin and Kaida were plagued by visions on their journey through ORD Mantell.
  • Zarcus, Tobin and Darwin got dropped off at the capital whilst the others escaped. Unfortunately they were pursued by ISB agents through the space battle, and their hyperspace jump simmultaneously went very well and very wrong.
  • The squad on the planet entered the capital, it’s planetary shield raised. They heard rumours of the Gorensla clan guarding a warehouse near the spaceport they control. They also heard rumours of unusual activity at the mag-lev train station.
  • At the train station they found Imperial commandos in Rebel uniforms. They attacked, and the battle continued until the commandos boarded the train. The train took off rigged with explosives. They realised it went right next to the city municipal building where the planetary shield generator was located. Tobin headed into the forward car, whilst Zarcus and Darwin handled the middle cars – Darwin blasting his way into Zarcus’s car. Zarcus had his armour blasted apart by a sniper. Zarcus disarmed the sniper, who tried to surrender, but Zarcus engulfed the man in green flames, melting his armour into his skin, the man shrieked in pain as the flames spread down his body. As the man died, Zarcus flung the man’s body into a wall, it made a horrid squelch as it slid down the wall.
  • As we concluded, Zarcus and Darwin’s car was clear, but there were more commandos in back (Darwin had just witnessed Zarcus’s actions). They had secured one device. Tobin’s car still has commandos and their device. The train was about to pull into the municipal station.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for rescuing Yeel Dresk.
  • 5XP for half the group escaping ORD Mantell.
  • Kaida’s Morality remains unchanged.
  • Tobin Morality triggered this session. He gained 6 conflict, rolling 2, so went down by 8 to 80.
  • Zarcus gained 26 conflict, rolling 6. He went down by 20 to 25.
Ghosts of Dathomir Part 2
Gorensla Calling and Finding Yeel Dresk

Mission Roster

Mansion Onslaught

Predator Squadron searches through the mansion, eventually locating the vault. Inside they found Wallisi being treated by medical droids and the Tragic Hope statue. Kaida sensed a strange tinge in the Force emnating from the statue, so picked it up wrapped in some bandages.

A hoarde of Weequay blasted their way into the room, shooting at the few remaining security droids inside. They addressed Predator Squadron, demanding they turn Wallisi over to them. Dean and Tobin quickly improvised that Wallisi was dead, the Gorensla people believed this, but demanded the body as proof.

As the Weequay began to surge forward, the Inquisitor first encountered on Canto Bight arrived with mercenaries on speeder bikes. Chaos ensued, Predator Squadron began to retreat with their prizes; Darwin and Zarcus both falling unconscious in the escape.

They escaped into the grounds and began to hide.

Over at the theme park with Riza and Tio, Jibril received their desperate call for aid and took off immediately for the Honey Badger. Outside the hanger, she found some Zygerrian bounty hunters demanding access – they claimed they had legitimate claim against a ‘Tobin Stryder’, who is associated with that ship, they wanted to put him on trial for regicide. Jibril enlisted the bounty hunters help to crew the Honey Badger, after all – they could not collect on their bounty if Stryder died here.

The Honey Badger arrived at the mansion and attempted to slip past the gunship hovering overhead. The gunship opened fire, but the Honey Badger’s retort drove it off after disabling its shields. The rest of Predator Squadron boarded and they took off. The bounty hunters immediately demanded Tobin as their prisoner, but Tobin told them that he was in fact Tanson Stryder and his brother, Tobin, had died in the mansion. The bounty hunters believed this story, but required a DNA sample from ‘Tanson’ to confirm. The bounty hunters also mentioned that Baron Warlord Xvishin was supposedly very influential with the new Hutt Emperor, some even calling him the power behind the thrones – the kajidics were scrambling to recover from the events of the Grand Granee Noopa.

Gorensla Calling

On their way back to the spaceport, they received a comm call from a representative of the Gorensla Clan:

You are now speaking with the honourable and fearsome Irrca the Hutt. Do not displease her.

After a moment a sharp-voiced Hutt begins speaking in Huttese:

Angering the Gorensla kajidic is quite foolish. You’ve made quite a mess of one of our operations, and that loss of income cannot be allowed to go unpunished. However, you are clearly individuals of some skill, and we haven’t built our masterful and glorious operation by overlooking potential opportunities. Do you want to deal, or do we simply sell your HWK-1000 and belongings on the black market? I’m sure we’ll find someone who will pay a substantial reward for turning over your ship and whatever secrets it holds. Simply everyone is looking for you now you fools.

Irrca wanted to discuss terms of a deal, but at that moment, starfighters began deploying from the spaceport on an intercept course for the Honey Badger, communicating something about a weapons discharge violation over a civilian neighbourhood. Jibril told the security services that they’d submit to an investigation – they were fired on first and were only defending themselves. Jibril hung up on the Hutt without listening to her terms.

Upon learning that Jibril hung up on the Hutt who had stolen his ship, Tobin was pissed. He stormed off when they landed.

The squad spent some time patching up the ship and attending to Walisi. Walisi explains that he bought the shard off a man named Yeel Dresk, but Dresk didn’t get very far – he supposedly bought a ship, but crashed up north. Dresk knows more about the artifact and the legends surrounding it than Walisi does.

Zarcus, meditating in his improvised sand pit, felt the shards hidden in his belt vibrating, and himself being drawn upwards:

With a surge of emotion, your sight blurs as a vision takes over your senses. Amid a torrent of noise, the mass of swirling colours resolves into a fuzzy view of a humanoid female with a white ponytail, wearing tan and brown and looking, looking very closely at a glowing stone object in her hand. Somehow you feel her focus as she concentrates on the object. Suddenly, there is a feeling of recognition in the Force, and she looks up to see a young Rodian male in a crowded corridor abruptly run away in panic. You see her point towards him as he flees, and blasters open fire.

Zarcus came out of this vision directly outside Kaida’s quarters, where the recovered Tragic Hope statue is located. Kaida refused to let Zarcus study it due to the bad vibes she was getting off the statue.

Tobin travelled to an old derelict bar, The Good Companions. He sat at the usual old table and reminisced about old times. He picked up a collection of old images from the noticeboard – still unchanged after 5 years. As he left to return to the ship, he caught a glimpse of a Porg staring at him over the bar. He tried to use the Force to locate the Dusk Mynock, narrowing things down to a warehouse somewhere in the city.

Leelan River Rescue

The group decided to try and find Yeel Dresk and learn what he knows of the artifact. Jibril and the Honey Badger flew north seperately, eventually finding his ship crashed on a small island in a rising river. Heavy storms had recently affected the area.

Dean remained in the Honey Badger on overwatch whilst Kaida and Jibril descended to the island directly. Darwin, Tobin and Zarcus took the dropship down, landing it over the river from Dresk’s yacht. Tobin and Zarcus took speeder bikes across the river. (Zar, Riza and Tio remained aboard the Honey Badger).

Kaida and Jibril forced their way inside the ship, entering via a side-hatch into the cargo hold. The air tight seals were no longer air tight – the ship had sprung a leak or two. They progressed into the engine room where they found Dresk pinned under a console. Outside the bikers spotted some large canisters speeding down-river, swiftly followed by a massive spinning satellite dish rocketing towards them.

Zarcus lifted the canisters out of the water and flung them to one side – one clipped a rock further down river and exploded. Tobin rocketed towards the sattalite dish, ramping up and skidding across the surface of it, his lightsaber outstretched in an attempt to slide the dish. In the cockpit of the Honey Badger, the sensor grid lit up as Dean spotted Imperial ships heading their way – it seemed as though the Empire were attacking the planet.

Dresk was unwilling to come with Jibril and Kaida, insisting they could fix his ship. Kaida pulled out her stun cannon and peppered him with stun-bolts. Unfortunately some went wide, interacting with the already damaged systems of the ship, causing it to sink faster.

Zarcus drew upon his magics and lifted the sattalite dish, levitating it over the island, and placing it down safely beyond the ship.

Kaida blasted a hole in the hull with her breaching cannon, taking several shots, but eventually carving a path wide enough to crawl through. Kaida headed through first and pulled Dresk with her. Jibril attempted to follow but got stuck, the water inside the ship now rising to her neck. Kaida helped Jibril through, but the force required to squeeze through the hole damaged her wings slightly, but they remain functional.

Three Imperial dropships and two squadron of TIE Fighters streak towards the squadron: Dean in the Honey Badger, Kaida and Jibril on the small island beneath it, Darwin in the dripship on the opposite bank, whilst Zarcus and Tobin are currently on speeder bikes over the river…

Rewards and Experience

  • 10XP for escaping with the shard and Wallisi.
  • 5XP for rescuing the other captives in the vault.
  • Kaida gained 3 conflict, rolling 4, remaining on 100.
  • Tobin gained 10 conflict, rolling 9, going down by 1 to 88.
  • Zarcus’s morality triggered this session. He gained 13 conflict, rolling 3, going down by 20 to 45.
  • A kidnapped ship-droid-assistant.
Ghosts of Dathomir Part 1
Inquiring Minds at Walisi’s Elegant & Exotic Artifacts

Mission Roster

Senate Intrigue and Sparring

Mission Roster

The Dusk Mynock crew found an unmanned drone that had shadowed them into the system. It contained ahologrsm displaying Tobin’s family, a voice said:

“I hope this message reaches you in health and that we now have an understanding. From this moment on: You. Are. Mine. Two items of value were stolen at the same time from an Alliance ship – you know what we refer to.
There are rumours that one of those items is now lost. Permanently. For that, there will be severe consequences. The other item stolen that day now resides in Hutt Space. If you acquire it and deliver it to us, the consequences need not become more personal”.
At that point a knife is held to Tobin’s mother’s throat on the hologram, but it does not pierce the skin.
Further instructions are contained on the droid”.

They were informed that the Hutts were seeking to unify under a ‘Hutt Emperor’ in the aftermath of the Grand Granee Noopa incident, and that supposedly the Onderon Crest was located on Nal Hutta.

They called back to Chandrilla and informed Dean, then sparred whilst waiting for further news.

On Chandrilla, Kaida investigated the senate (Tio having used seek on a dna sample acquired from the com link) whilst Jibril talked her way into getting a meeting with Chancellor Mon Mothma.

During this time Kaida also researched the planet deed she had won in the lottery – a planet called Dathomir.

Through Jibril and Dean’s meeting, they convinced Mon Mothma that Predator Squadron needed not to be constrained by red tape. Unfortunately the only way that was politically workable was for them to quit the New Republic military and work for Senator Leia Organa as freelance agents.

Kaida’s investigation narrowed down to Senator Chatt. Jibril, Kaida and Leia confronted the Senator, who claimed she was blackmailed into arranging things.

The session ended with Darwin collapsed on top of Zarcus surrounded by knee deep foam after their sparring match. Alfred turned the lights off to give them some privacy.

The group plans to meet at Ord Mantell and head for Dathomir together.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5 XP for uncovering Senator Chatt’s part of the investigation.
  • 5 XP for transferring Predator Squadron’s employment from the New Republic military to Senator Leia Organa’s office.
  • Ghost gained 1 conflict, rolling 7, thus remained on 100.
  • Zarcus gained 2 conflict, rolling 7. His Morality triggered this session, thus he went up by 10.
  • The group gained 5 Obligation as they now owe Mon Mothma a favour.
  • Dathomir. :P
Bimmiel Raid and Sarini Island Investigation

Mission Roster

Kaida and Dean investigate who hired the sniper to attack Tio. This leads them to Sarini Island, where they encounter a vicious creature. They found a disposed comlink deep in the cave.

Darwin, Tobin and Zarcus leave Bimmiel quickly after encountering some thieves (starting with Darwin shooting them and Zarcus unleashing the magics upon them). They offer the thieves a ride. The thieves are from the Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya, a group of pirates headed into the Unknown Regions to escape the influence of the Empires and the New Republic.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5 XP this session.
  • Kaida’s Morality was triggered this session. She gained 2 conflict, rolling 6, therefore remaining at 100.
  • Tobin rolled 10 for Morality this session, going up to 81.
  • Zarcus gained 11 conflict, rolling 10, going down to 49.

Mission Roster

Note, this adventure takes place on the squads 5th day on Chandrilla

  • Zarcus goes shopping. Gets caught up in a black-market raid by New Republic police. Gets arrested after being spotted fleeing the scene and jumping into the ocean.
  • Jibril and Dean go to see General Rieekan to talk to him about Wedge Antilles’s position in the military and what can be done. Rieekan explains that he’s used a lot of his political influence attempting to keep Predator Squadron operational and keeping certain political factors from affecting Predator Squadron. Unfortunately that is now at risk due to these psychological evaluations. He will do what he can for Antilles, but he’s more concerned about the evaluations.
  • Rieekan shows them a list of concerns raised about the squad during their operational lifespan. They are rather lengthy.
  • Rieekan asks them to pick Zarcus up from the local police station and escort him to Facility J12 for evaluation.
  • En-route to Zarcus, they stop to pick up Kaida. At the police station, they are introduced to Darwin, Zarcus’s new chaperone by order of General Rieekan.


  • J12 is a secure facility in the Chandrillan mountain range, outside of Hanna City. They arrive and go through security.
  • They’re shown into a comfortable waiting room with food and holonet showing the weather channel.
  • A medical droid – BD-909 – comes in and takes Kaida for her assessment.
  • In the interview room, there is the psychologist Doctor Valonsic (a human female in her late 50’s), and Captain Volin.
  • Before they began, Volin performed a strange psychological test to attempt to verify Kaida’s identity against a psychological profile constructed by New Republic Intelligence. He could have just used the microchips installed in Kaida and the other clones, but he insisted on using his own methods.
  • They ask Kaida a series of questions ranging from topics like her average day, how she feels about her clones and Gand’s death. They also perform ink blot tests. Finally Volin (who has remained silent throughout the process so far) asks whether Kaida considers Predator Squadron to be an effective team.
    • On her way out of the room, Kaida attempts to read Volin’s thoughts. He is deeply concerned, worried and thinking “Perhaps now Agent Pinntek will listen.
  • Jibril is next in. They ask her how she’s feeling, the nature of her condition and whether she’s ever questioned the nature of her reality. They lightly touched upon her desire for cybernetic wings, but did not go into detail. Jibril spent much of this interview turning the questions around on Doctor Valonsic.
  • As Jibril left she asked Captain Volin if she could purchase the lie detector he was using throughout her examination. Volin said he would consider it.
  • After Jibril came Dean. They asked him about his stress levels, his dealings with Lieutenant Klevic and the destruction of his former squadron. They then asked him about the events of the Battle of Gand, and why in the aftermath of the battle, he discharged his firearm into a corpse in a briefing room.
  • Zarcus entered the room and immediately sensed several presences behind the mirror, along with the presence of 10 guards outside the room. The people behind the mirror turn it transparent and Colonel Rommel introduces himself as a New Republic military observer. Also present are 3 senators from the Military Oversight Committee (a Mon Calamari, a female Devaronian and a human) and a Bothan.
  • Zarcus’s evaluation questions centred around his drives as part of the fight against the Empire, the recent devastating loss of his wife on Lothal, and his impersonation of General Solo to defraud a bank. They also asked him about why he was arrested at the site of a black market warehouse that very morning, Zarcus replied that he was unsure of the legality of the item he was attempting to purchase, so felt it best not to go through a New Republic quartermaster, thinking it better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  • Zarcus returned to the waiting room where he used the on-suite refresher, leaving the door open and the unit unflushed. This was seen as anti-social behaviour by the monitors and factored into his final score.
  • Darwin was finally brought in and asked about his feelings on the new republic and Predator Squadron from what he’d observed of them so far.
  • After some time back in the waiting room, Volin came in and unveiled their results. Unfortunately the entire squad failed the examination and would be suspended with immediate effect. Obviously this was not an ideal outcome for them, he said, perhaps it was best that they take some time to think over their best options.
  • Jibril purchased his lie detector off him for 1500 credits, she noticed a datacard taped to the underside of the device. Kaida caught hint at this when she skimmed Volin’s mind as he was leaving.

Attack on the Clones

  • Finding the trackers.
  • Ghost’s evasion tactics with the trackers.
  • Jibril, Dean and Darwin head into town.
  • Ghost get’s the call from Riza and Tio.
  • Dean get’s called in. Sees the aftermath and picks them up.
  • Ghost fights Big Bird.
  • Dean takes the clones with him as he goes to meet with Rieekan.
  • Jibril calls in a favour from Galish.
  • Ghost goes to the mall and spots the assailants taking the bodies away. She tags along for the ride.
  • The group come after Ghost using Tio as a dousing rod. Tio is not amused.
  • Ghost intimidates the crew of that ship. Mr Playte (the apparent ring-leader) kills himself, but has a list on him.
  • The rest of the crew arrives. Jibril interrogates the remaining prisoners.
  • Members from Rogue Squadron arrive to secure the scene, having been sent by General Rieekan to ensure friendly eyes are dealing with the situation.
  • The squad head off for dinner.
  • Next day Jibril has her surgery.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10XP this session.
  • Zarcus gained 5 bonus XP for settling his Debt Obligation with the New Republic Quartermaster.
    • From evaluation day Zarcus has 18 days until Grentho’s countdown runs out.
    • (It’s approximately 9 days until the arrival of the Angel’s Tear at Chandrilla and the start of talks with Sloane’s Empire.
  • Kaida gained 2 conflict, but rolled 3, so stays stationary.
  • Zarcus’s Morality triggered this session. He gained 11 conflict, rolling 9, so went down 4 to 40.
  • Zarcus has booked a counseling appointment with Doctor Valonsic.

Final Results

The final results of the evaluations were:

  • Kaida – 65%
  • Dean – 60%
  • Darwin – 50%
  • Jibril – 40%
  • Zarcus – 35%

As a specialist commando unit, the standard for passing was very high at 70%.


The following makes reference to a previous document linked here.

Tobin has received an anonymous message in the aftermath of Xerxes’s death. It reads:

Come to the Vallinor Tea Gardens, Hanna City. Tomorrow at midday. Come alone.

Tobin finds the Vallinor Tea Gardens on the outskirts of the city, set atop a cliff face overlooking much of the beach. Winding paths lead back and forth amidst the bushes and flowers from various worlds (including an Alderaanian section), they weave through fountains and connect various clusters of tables together. Many table clusters are surrounded by ornately engraved privacy patricians. Droids flit about carrying various orders to different tables.

Tobin spots Captain Volin in a secluded grove that overlooks the beach. There are two tables in this cluster, surrounded by a privacy patrician. Volin is sat in the one facing the approaching path, apparently reading some filmsiplast notes – he looks like many of the other officials that you’ve spotted taking their lunch in the gardens.

The seat at the table behind him is empty, enabling Tobin to sit back-to-back with Volin, granting him a nice view of the beach.

Tobin swirled in with his rich purple robes around him; without the hood the and the mask for most the Rodian would have seemed like a young diplomat or noble, with his cybernetic arm concealed nicely by a pair of gloves. Tucked under his arm was a hefty book, which detailed an obscure novel from 20 years ago about romance in the Republic, about a clone that settled into a farm. Seemed somewhat appropriate given the renaissance in effect.

Without comment the Rodian set in behind Volin, not speaking immediately but instead taking a moment to admire the long sea view, as someone new to the region would, before he opened his book and began to read, he would leave it a minute, as one always did when taking scope of the environment, before he then began talking. It was a stretch to call it fluent basic, but he at least seemed to attempt to remove all slang from his speech patterns.

“I feel you are either here to congratulate me for taking a few weeks out of my busy schedule for psychological re-assement, which I might add is a wasteful usage of my time.”

He gave pause; to look around to check the other persons before he continued.

“Alternatively you feel like talking about my other posting. 5 months on; my requests have yielded no proof for advancement. It has been frustrating to say the least.”

“How about a bit of both?” he says, “You said you’d level the playing field – you’ve made no progress at all? Well then, that exacerbates your new problem. These evaluations…”

Volin pauses, Tobin can practically hear his eyes furtively checking for observers.

“My concerns for the Squadron have always primarily been related to sanity, and usually I would be glad that you have finally decided to get help. But I have tried to cover for you and run interference for these last 5 months. Only now I find the very concerns I myself raised for months are raised from within the Squadron itself, as your collective mental health spirals out of control. Do you have any idea how serious this is at all?”

“Within the squad?”

The Rodian commented drily then mouthed some obscenity, not wishing to draw attention with foul languge., behind Volin he gave what sounded like visible huff, as he turned over the page. He had vaguely heard something as he was walking away from Dean; he was already factoring in damage control, so This had just made his job 20 times harder and potentially doomed the squad to the same obscurity that Wedge was subjected to.

“You don’t have to tell me, given what happened to Wedge over that whole liberation business. Seems every time I’m absent, even for a day something fun happens, like what happened to Xerxes. Kinda surprised the squad survived a whole two weeks while I were stranded on Gand. Truth be told Kaida is a good operative, but she’s starting to struggle because of the responsibility.”

Squad’s in it’s dying days I feel.

The Rodian fell silent for a few moments from the hushed whispering, casting his gaze around, thankfully a Rodian’s gaze was never oblivious.

“That’s why I’m thinkin’ of changing the game a little. I’m going to apply more vigorously for that promotion and make a few favours. This could create a few fluctuations in the stock market so I’m just asking, iss this position worth so much to you?”

He was referring to the crystal while using other words, a common tactic.

Tobin was curious after all, was he ready for what Tobin would have to do?

There is a long pause, Volin is clearly contemplative. He sighs and half turns his head, so Tobin can see the side of his face, “I fear the hour is later than you realise. Things have gotten politically complex – shooting corpses in briefing rooms and squad members becoming pavement pizza have that effect”.

He starts shuffling around his documents and packing them into a briefcase.

“I came to see you out of courtesy and to check the status of our deal. Unfortunately my hands are being tied. I’ve done what I can to forestall things, but it won’t be enough. Everything hinges on these evaluations”.

He stands up, and turns, appearing as if he’s surveying the view.

“Sincerely, I wish you the best of luck,” Volin mutters out of the side of his mouth, “If you have a play that you think may help, I suggest you utilise it. Whilst I would love to help with the promotion, I fear I will be of little use. I just wanted to be sure you understood what was at stake here”.

The Rodian nodded slowly as he continued reading, he turned the page with his finger as he continued.

“I appreciate that and all that you have done for me. Given that they will very likely arrive at our assets soon, if they haven’t already started doing so already. I’ll just make sure it’s there to recover.”

With that Tobin watched Volin walk off he waited for 5 minutes, finishing the particular chapter before he closed the book and continued on, despite his stiff attire Volin had been a man of his word, with a flick turned his encrypted com to a number he hadn’t used in some time, dialled it.

All I need to do now is for the Bothans to take the crystal from the squad, follow it back to the source and take it and the scanner used to verify it. Hopefully Cassie kept it safe. The information held on that chip might be our only salivation.

“we need to meet now to discuss an exchange. Where are you?”

Rest and Relaxation in the New Republic

Mission Roster

On Lothal, Ghost, Tobin and Xerxes travelled to the former site of the Jedi Temple to investigate. They found traces of Havod’s power and confirmed how he ended up bonded with Sandraudiga. After some time they realised they were being watched by six Loth-Wolves.

They approached one – far larger than the others and bearing a 3-pronged fork-like symbol on its forehead, “Doom,” it said. Ghost got the sense that it was some sort of guardian, it held great concern for Lothal, but when it looked upon the group it felt hope. Tobin attempted to reach into it’s mind – he received a vision of darkness, in that darkness red pinpricks of light took hold as they formed swirling patterns enveloping him. A dark shrouded figure approached him, wearing a white expressionless mask. It spoke with many voices, saying “It is not for you”. Tobin then promptly passed out. The Wolf continued “Restore past, redeem future. Doorways within doorways. Doorways eternal”.

Dean visits General Calrissian at his Lothal farm. He raises grave concerns about the mental health of the squadron, requesting everyone be put on psychological review. He threatens to go over Lando’s head to General Rieekan should Lando be unwilling. Landon agrees with the need to at least consider things and comes up with an excuse to assign the squadron to Chandrilla (the capital of the New Republic), where they have the proper resources and impartial staff to conduct a psychological evaluation.

Jibril takes Riza and Tio shopping. She had an unfortunate encounter with some Black Sun goons who were convinced she owed them around 15,000 credits. Jibril managed to defuse the situation and convince the thugs that it was more trouble than it was worth to engage her over this matter at this stage.

Upon returning to their shuttle, everyone receives their requisitioned New Republic reward and they receive a comm message from Lando explaining their temporary reassignment to Chandrilla. He didn’t mention psychological evaluations, but instead explained that Grand Admiral Sloane’s Galactic Empire had reached out to the New Republic, seemingly interested in ceasefire talks. There’s to be a conference held on Chandrilla in 3 weeks time and Predator Squadron are to be brought in to aid security.

Predator Squadron depart Lothal in waves:

  • The Angel’s Tear will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive at Chandrilla. R3-P17 is in temporary command, they’re carrying liberated prisoners from Gand and bodies of deceased combatants.
  • The Honey Badger will take about 6 days (including a brief stop-over). Dean, Ghost, Jibril, Xerxes, Zarcus and the sisters will travel abroad it.
  • The Dusk Mynock will take about 7 days to arrive at Chandrilla. Tobin will be travelling alone.

Pit-Stops – Felucia and Gand

Tobin contacted Jacen Briggs to request his assistance at Coruscant in dealing with Havod and the Wraith. Jacen said he would try to do what he could.

Tobin then travelled to Gand, where he met up with Cobra Talonbane of the Syndicate. Tobin explained the situation at Chandrilla to Talonbane, who still appeared bitter about the lack of dreadnaught at the Battle of Gand. Tobin also passed along the mysterious co-ordinates he pulled off Lieutenant Ravik/Klevic’s corpse, Talonbane said he’d consider exploring them as there may be something valuable at the other end. Talonbane also mentioned that he may have some vaults he could do with borrowing the Skeleton Key to open.

The rest of the group arrived at Felucia, where Ghost hoped to contact Jedi Master Suljo Warde. There was a storm over the site of Warde’s camp, so Ghost, Dean and Riza flew down in a LAAT/i, whilst Jibril stayed aboard the Honey Badger with Xerxes (recovering from her unsuccessful cybernetic surgery).

Dean aced the piloting down to the camp and set the speeder down. It was deserted, lit only by occasional flashes of lightning and the floodlights of the LAAT/i. Examine the camp, they found a constructed wooden supply store and a half-built cabin (clearly untouched for some time), the area was littered with blaster scorch marks.

Dean and Riza found an Imperial issue motion sensor in the storage hut, which was devoid of useful supplies. Ghost encountered a trip mine on her way up to a nearby cave, and was ambushed by a one-armed Stormtrooper. She quickly realised this was Tacker, a clone trooper who served with Warde in the Clone Wars.

They brought Tacker back to the ship and Jibril nursed him back to health. He explained that approximately 6 months ago, TIE Bombers roared over their village and the Empire swept in. Imperial commandos led by a masked silver-haired woman with a spinning red lightsaber. They cut off Tacker’s arm, shooting him in the back 3 times – presumably they thought he was dead. When he came to, Warde was gone. He ran out of food 2 weeks ago, so it’s lucky Predator Squadron arrived when they did.

Welcome to Chandrilla – A New Dawn

The group arrive at Chandrila.

Jibril negotiates her place on the surgery waiting list at Chandrilla Medical Centre. They move her up to 2 weeks on the waiting list, but are unable to do more without a letter from a psychologist saying the surgery is essential for her mental wellbeing.

Dean meets up with old friend Wedge Antilles and finds out about his current troubles.

Xerxes goes high-altitude base jumping over the industrial sector of Chandrilla during a storm with disasterous results.

Ghost meets with General Rieekan and discusses the current tactical situation and the need for the squad to be evaluated.

Tobin arrives at Chandrilla.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, but rolled 8.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered this session. He gained 2 conflict, but rolled 10, so went up 16.
  • Funeral expenses.
The Battle of Gand Concludes
Lothal Visions and Black Spire

Mission Roster


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