Star Wars: Predators

Battle at the Heart of the Empire
The Imperial Palace Archives

Mission Roster

Accompanying NPCs




Rewards and Experience

  • 10XP for navigating the Archives and dealing with the defences.
  • 5XP for getting through the Holocron Vault door.
  • Kaida gained 2 conflict, rolling 6.
  • Tobin gained 1 conflict, rolling 2, going up to 83.
  • Kirina stole a random scroll.
  • Tobin stole a random book.
Imperial City Strike
Inquisition HQ Raid and Invading the Imperial Palace

Mission Roster

Magmus Arrives

  • Magmus wakes up, finding everyone has left him on the ship. He goes through customs and pays a fee to bring his axe through as a bounty hunter.
  • He travels to the Works district, where he encounters a blind Quarren. He meets with Kaida, who tells him he’s been followed by at least 7 people.
  • They lose the tails and return to the Inquisition HQ, where they meet with most of the others in putting together the final touches on their plan.

Dean and Darwin’s Close Encounter

  • Dean and Darwin proceed down another tunnel in the underground passageways. Tio spooks them by somehow getting between the two of them without them noticing.
  • As they’re going down the passageway, they notice a light approaching. It turns out that this light was some sort of tram traversing these passageways. Dean notices that the occupants are all wearing the same dark combat gear and are an identical build to Tio. Tio starts to go after them, but is pulled back by the others.
  • They follow the passageway to the end, it stops at another station terminal that puts out somewhere in the Coruscant underworld near a marketplace. (It was at this moment that Darwin realised that he had lost his wallet).
  • They decide to enlist Kirina’s help in navigating the underworld (both literally and figuratively) and hope to track down an information broker that can help them.
  • This leads them into a quick clash with a firugre from Kirina’s past – Naraska the Dug crime lord. They sneak inside his fancy town house. Tio steals a vase of gold and Kirnia intimidates Naraska into giving them the information they desire.
  • Naraska heard that a man by the name of Tycho Celchu was apprehended 2 months ago on Centrax 3 – one of Coruscant’s moon’s. Part resort, part military base, Naraska believes he’s likely somewhere in the military controlled region.

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom…

  • The facility comes under attack by some Imperial patrol transports. Kaida and Tobin get ready to defend the facility. Sirak prepared some internal defences while Mara Jade and Magmus concentrated on getting the Anklebiter Brigade out safely through the secret passageway.
  • The patrol transports deploy Stormtroopers – not who Kaida was expecting – and as the battle ensues, an AT-DP gets dropped on their landing pad.
  • Kaida ended up shutting their hanger door – thanks to their careful planning earlier, they’d performed some maintance on it so it functioned correct,y. It slammed shut, halting the Imperial advance.
  • Kaida, Tobin and Sirak jump in the rented speeder. Once the door is blasted open they set the other speeder – the one stolen by Dean and Darwin – off on auto-pilot. They hide as the Stormtroopers swoop into the facility, evading notice. Tobin then uses the Force to create the illusion of attacking Rebel troopers to distract the Stormtroopers long enough for them to escape. This worked, but the Stormtroopers will have likely noticed the missing speeder and filed a report.
  • The group meets at the Anklebiter’s diner. They decide to proceed with the plan now. Dean explains about his friend to the others, but decides to deal with Centrax 3 later.
  • They leave the Anklebiters behind, but take Clanker with them (he volunteered when he realised it was a choice between potential death and babysitting).

Infiltrating the Heart of the Empire

  • They drive up to the Senate Annex Building as the sun is setting. Kirina convinces the guard that they’re here to do emergency maintance work before Empire Day. The guard waves them through and goes to inspect the back. Unfortunately he was too strong willed for Tobin to beguile with the Force. Riza and Magmus knock him out and drag him inside. Kaida scans the guard with her holographic equipment, stepping out and waving their van through.
  • Kaida convinces the other guards that she’s due off her shift now, and meets back up with the others.
  • They begin sneaking through the Annex Building – evading patrols and sensors without too much trouble. Due to the squad’s quick thinking they manage to bypass a checkpoint by convincing the guards it was their break time.
  • They arriving in what was once the personal office of then-Senator Palpatine. A quick search reveals the hidden room. Tobin steals a statue of a Gungan fertility goddess and Kirina steals a painting of a Naboo city.
  • Tobin received a vision of the future – he was in a strange cathedral-like place, full of strange red shafts of light and large pillars. Darwin and Magmus lay dead nearby. He turned and saw Havod, who was standing between a wall of shimmering water. Havod said to him “This was how it was always going to end for us,” he turned and moved towards the shimmering pool of light, “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come”. Havod stepped backwards through, a blast of green flame came from the pool and engulfed Tobin. He then woke back up.
  • They proceed down a secret tunnel and enter the Imperial Palace via Palpatine’s bedroom.
  • They decided to split up and search for clues accomplish their objectives. Kirina, Magmus, Tobin, Riza and Clanker would headfirst the archives. Darwin, Dean, Kaida, Tio, Mara and Sirak would head to the detention area and attempt to rescue Jedi Master Suljo Warde.
  • The detention area team proceeded there without too much trouble, quickly dispatching the exterior guards. They came to a well guarded checkpoint and dealt with the forces there, before heading for the cell, which was guarded by dark-robed Imperial Royal Guards. After a quick fight, they opened the cell. Warde was there, expecting them. After releasing him he had a quick but emotional reunion with Sirak. He advised them to seek out the work of Marlan Ven – a Jedi archivist and historian who specialised in the construction of the Temple.
  • The Detention Block Team prepared for more Imperial entanglements as they made their way to meet the archive team.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for evading the ambush at the Inquisitor Headquarters.
  • 5XP for successfully navigating the Senate Annex Building.
  • 5XP for successfully liberating Master Warde.
  • Magmus acquired a flame projector and a heavy blaster rifle from the Inquisitorious armoury.
  • Tobin acquired a Gungan fertility goddess statue.
  • Kirina acquired a painting of a Naboo city.
  • Tobin gained 2 Conflict, rolling 4, going up to 82.
Chaos on Coruscant
Getting the Lay of the Land

Mission Roster

We’re… Tourists… That’s Right, Tourists!

Predator Squadron and Mara Jade arrived in the Coruscant system, witnessing the colossal force of the Coruscant Defence Fleet – around 70 Imperial Star Destroyers throughout the system. Even with the morale drubbing that the Empire has likely suffered since the death of Palpatine, Coruscant would still be a formidable target to attack.


They proceeded through the customs patrol without too much incident, convincing them that they’re mere tourists to visit for Empire Day.

Kaida and Kirina dived out of the ship over the Imperial City District with the more illicit items in tow, whilst the rest of the squad landed the ship at a local spaceport. Unfortunately Kirina lost Darwin’s rifle on the way.


After the spaceport group successfully got their way through customs, they met up with the others. Dean, Tio and Darwin headed off in a taxi to investigate a personal issue of Dean’s. Everyone else followed Kirina in a long trek down into the depths of the Coruscant underworld.


They travelled down through the upper levels, but by 500 levels below the sun was barely glimpsed through the furocrete and durasteel jungle above them. They travelled yet further down, as the infrastructure crumbled. By the time they got to level 700 the sun was a distant memory, and they still had a long way to go. Down they travelled until they arrived at level 96.

The mechanical lifts were self-operated down here, a grey haze took hold throughout the cramped corridors of this level. In the mist, death-stick addled minds shuffled about like spectres. Predator Squadron proceeded forward, clambering over pipes and diverting down accessways until they came to a severe looking building without a window in sight – the Depths.

They entered the grim place, clearly an orphanage/prison. Kirina advised they keep Riza out of the basement, so naturally Tobin went to have a look. He found a solitary confinement level – partially flooded due to a burst pipe. The smell of rotting flesh hung heavy in the air. Tobin searched the area – finding a Togruta skeleton in a blood-stained jacket lying face down in the water, along with a cell filled with scrawled writing etched into it’s walls. Kirnia explained that the cell was once her own.

Kaida stayed at the main door to the Depths, on watch with Mara. Kaida planned out her next move whilst Riza played football with a skull she found. Mara explained that she knew of a secret tunnel network that the Emperor used to get around on Coruscant. She knew of two entrances to this network within the Imperial Palace itself, 1 entrance in the old Imperial Senate building, one within the Senate Annex Building (which used to be used as offices for the Senate) and one entrance within Inquisitorious Headquarters. Kirnia took the skeleton from the basement and gave it an underworld burial at a nearby trash heap.

It was decided to split up – Kaida, Riza and Mara would go to the Inquisitorious Headquarters, Tobin would go around as a tourist in the Imperial City District to scout out defences and Kirnia had a personal errand to run in the underworld.

Dean and Darwin’s Wild Ride.


Dean, Darwin and Tio arrived in the Works district via taxi. They located the old abandoned LiMerge power plant that Dean was hoping to investigate. They noticed an unusually high presence of Imperial patrols (either Stormtroopers on foot, or airspeeder flybys) in the region. Darwin got changed into his combat gear in an alleyway. He was approached by a blind Quarren seeking directions to Imperial City. Darwin did the kind thing of directing him, but unbeknownst to him, the Quarren was a pickpocket who made off with Darwin’s wallet.

They entered the building and investigated. They didn’t find any trace of what Dean wa looking for, but found a secret passageway. This led to a sub-level tram network – it extended in two directions, either back to Imperial City, or deeper into the Works. They took the latter option and followed the track.

After many twists and turns they came to a split in the track – it diverged in 3 directions. They picked the centre path and came to a small station with a turbo lift. The turbo lift was well maintained, but had clearly fell into neglect recently (from the data they gathered slicing the terminal, roughly around 9 months ago). They also found out that this lift led to a building owned by the LiMerge Corporation.

They came out of the lift in a large office/observation room. It was sparsely furnished, but had two half-circle floor-to-ceiling windows that curved around the circular room. From here they could see the distant spires of Imperial City, even making out the distinctive shape of the Imperial Palace amongst the cluttered skyline.

They explored a bit more, but got ambushed by a Zabrak wearing a dark cloak and wielding a blaster pistol, his face bisected by a large scar across the centre. As their stand-off escalated, the Zabrak ignited a gold lightsaber (which seemed to be made from his belt). The Zabrak told them that he hadn’t seen a human matching the description Dean gave, and that he wanted them to get out of his “house”.

Not wanting to go toe-to-toe with this man, Dean and Darwin retreated. Reluctantly, so did a Tio. They entered the secret elevator, and went back to where the tram line forked to try a different path.

Unbeknownst to them, this man was the Inquisitor known as Sirak Gith.

Inquisitioning the Inquisition.

Mara informed Kaida that the Inquisitorious Headquarters was located at an old LiMerge building in the middle of the Works district:


Kaida, Riza and Mara arrived, although they had to climb up to a landing pad to enter the building as there was no street entrance.

They explored the Inquisition Headquarters until they found an archive room. This room was dark, dominated by a large statue of the Emperor leering down upon them. Here they were ambushed by Sirak Gith (likely annoyed at home intruders by this point). Kaida recognised him from their encounter on Devaron. Sirak recognised Riza as Tio and was confused why she had returned. Kaida mentioned that she knew Sirak had once been apprenticed to Suljo Warde. Sirak explained that Warde was on-planet, in the Imperial Palace – he’d been captured by Zsinj some time ago and Zsinj had traded him to Coruscant’s rulers for something, although Sirak didn’t know what. Kaida convinced Sirak to form an alliance with Predator Squadron against the Wraith and Havod.

Breaking From the Past

Kirina went to level 79 to head into a old bar she knew. There has clearly been a bar fight and a Toydarian bartender by the name of Zoscu was cleaning up the mess. After Zoscu realised who he was talking to, the pair got talking. Eventually Zoscu directed Kirina to a local resistance group that were called the Anklebiter Brigade after paying 800c for the information who were supposedly based out of Dex’s Diner in CoCo town on the surface.

Before heading there, Kirina went to level 26. By this point, she could barely see down there as the lights did not work. Using the glowing capability of her wings, Kirina eventually found the warehouse she used to live in. Disarming the trap she had around the doorframe, she entered to a small room which contained a rickity old bed on the right, a locker on the left and discarded papers and general debris strewn about. Kirina stood in silence in the doorway for a few moments before igniting some fire paste, illuminating a giant roach which fled further back into the darkness. She threw the fire paste onto the bed in the room, the place beginning to light up. She then closed the door on the place for the last time.

Standing back, wings at full spread, the fire took hold quickly and soon the whole warehouse was on fire, the door to the room glowing red and warping, As various explosions started with toxic fumes pouring out, Kirina stood and briefly said “Now we are free.” She the fled the level, inhaling some of the fumes as she did. She arrived on level 27 where she ran into some muggers. They were interested in her jewellery but Kirina convinced them that she there was money to be made by escorting her to CoCo town.

Dean and Darwin’s Wild Chase

After a long trek through another tunnel, and this time up a massive incline, they came to another turbo lift, which let out onto a balcony. They could hear the sound of waves, and they realised they were on a villa at the edge of a large artificial sea (although nowhere near as large as the artificial sea on Cantonica ).

They entered the villa, setting off an alarm. Dean asked Tio to slice the nearby console, she took him literally and sliced it with her lightsaber. They quickly explored the house, finding a walk-in wardrobe filled with identical black robes (Tio stole one), and a custom built airspeeder downstairs. According to the logs in the airspeeder, it had never been used and was a custom order for Emperor Palpatine.

They took off in the speeder, pursued by police speeders and TIE Fighters, luckily Dean was able to manoeuvre through the mess of traffic, causing them to crash, but their speeder also took a collision. They dived down into the depths of the canyon-like space-scrapers, pulling into a tunnel to escape.

The lights started to turn red and a siren sounded – someone must have noticed them entering and was shutting down the tunnel. They were now approaching the exit and could see a waiting Imperial Patrol Speeder, so they cut down a side-exit and escaped their pursuit (although the speeder is now likely wanted by local police).

A New Alliance

Tobin headed to the Imperial City district acting and doing as tourists do. He scouted the Imperial Palace, seeing no real way past the military exclusion zone that extended about a mile wide around the Place. It was filled with Stormtroopers and AT-AT, along with being heavily patrolled by TIE Fighters and airspeedes. It felt like it was very much a statement – we are still in control here.

He moved on to the Senate and the Senate Annex building. Musing about the legendary outlaw “Cad Bane”: and his takeover of the Senate Annex, Tobin considered that a small surgical team might be able to sneak past security, potentially utilising that they’re still taking deliveries at that building. Tobin was at a local cafe enjoying a nice cup of tea when he heard about Darwin and Dean’s breakneck chase through the city.

Dean, Darwin and Tio arrived to pick him up, and they headed to the Inquisition Headquarters with Tobin in tow.

As they arrived, Kaida explained to Tobin not to go mad or draw any weapons as they were working with someone that they’d had a questionable relationship with. This is when Sirak appeared (Tobin recognising the lightsaber/belt Sirak wore as his own design). Ultimately Tobin wasn’t too bothered by this, after all, he noted, they were working with a woman who had tortured him and tried to murder his father.

The Anklebiter Brigade

Kirnia and her escorts arrived at the diner. They found the place deserted, seemingly abandoned. Although Kirnia was able to track some footsteps into the diner’s kitchen.


After paying her escorts quite a sizeable sum of money, they left. She then called reassuringly into the kitchen that the nasty men had now gone. Several heads tentatively popped out of cupboards, along with a Gonk droid – these children made up the Anklebiter Brigade – a local resistance cell.

She bought the children some food from a local street vendor, and explained she worked for the New Republic. They were very excited to meet her. She asked them for local intelligence, they didn’t know much about the Palace or the Senate, but they claimed that a group of Zabrak’s was stirring up trouble with the local underworld – particularly around Level 1313 – supposedly these Zabraks were farmers of some kind, but they arrived on Coruscant on a HWK-1000.

Kirnia recruited the Anklebiter Brigade to their cause, Tobin arrived to pick them up and take them back to Inquisition HQ in a rented speeder Kaida had acquired. As night fell, they returned back to base to plan their next moves.

Rewards and Experience

  • 15 XP this session.
  • No Morality changes.
  • Dean acquired a modified skyhooper airspeeder. It seats a pilot and 3 passengers.
The Hunt for Mara Jade

Mission Roster

At Chandrilla the squad convened to determine their next course of action. Senator Organa dropped in, and suggested they take a friend to the Rebellion knowledgable in the underworld, Magmus, with them.

Predator Squadron travelled to Rodia in an attempt to track down Emperor’s Hand, Mara Jade. Upon arrival they set about determining whether Jade had arrived yet, finding (thanks to Jibril’s bribery of a dock-droid and Magmus’s local contact’s information) they had a two hour lead.

They intercepted her ship in the Honey Badger, Dean’s incredible piloting skill forcing a docking manoeuvre. After a tense stand-off, Jade’s navicomputer slowly counting down its recalibration timer, Jade agreed to aid them after getting over her amusement at the insanity of their request. She claimed that she owed her loyalty to only one man in the Empire, not the organisation itself – apparently she desires “a clean slate”.

They prepared to depart, acquiring last minute materials and equipment from port. Tobin acquired a giant Kwazel Maw worm, along with some wood (the worm came with a free cookbook). Jibril’s services were incredibly in demand to the point she ran herself ragged around the station assisting everyone (even Riza and Tio) with purchase requests. Kaida managed to successfully open the Paradise Holocron, discovering the true face of it’s gatekeeper.

With their last minute preparations complete, Predator Squadron prepared to depart in the Wren’s Fury.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10XP this session.
  • Tobin went down 1 Morality.
Krytos Unleashed and Ghosts of Dathomir Finale

Mission Roster

Confrontation on Dathomir

  • Mother Talzin, reborn, begins a ritual with the Cluster. She promises Zarcus that he will have his heart’s desire in reward for returning her to true life.
  • Darwin calls the other night-sister clan to come to their position, in an attempt to get them to intervene in the ritual.
  • Tobin sneaks over to the stage, confronting the witch and Zarcus – he asks can’t Zarcus see the evil at work here? Talzin comments that Tobin has a slither of that darkness inside of him.
  • Zarcus protects the Cluster and Talzin with the Force, siding with his people.
  • Tobin disables Zarcus, Tio attempts to destroy the Cluster but misses. Talzin starts using her magicks against Tobin, causing excruciating pain as she slowly tries to rip out his heart.
  • Darwin gets Cobra Talonbane and Mesa to take off, flying over the ritual site.
  • Tobin realises he’s out-matched by Talzin and retreats. Darwin provides covering fire, wounding Talzin. Before Tobin leaves he throws his lightsaber into the Cluster, destroying it.
  • This causes the collapse of Talzin’s ritual, causing the Star Destroyer she was affecting in low orbit to start crashing.
  • Tobin, Darwin, Tio, Talonbane and Mesa leave aboard the Stray Serendipity, heading through the atmosphere and into space. As they’re leaving they notice Zsinj’s fleet appears to be repositioning.
  • Back on the planet, Zarcus is awakened by Talzin. She tells him what happened, and she’s curious of the Sith Lord he mentioned. Zarcus returns to his village, contemplating recent events. He sends a message to the Imperial fleet regarding Grentho plotting to turn on the Empire (as far as Zarcus knows, a lie designed to turn them on each other). The Empire mention it’s unlikely anything to do with the New Republic – Zsinj has just decimated Chandrilla

Chandrilla in Crisis

  • Dean, Jibril and Kaida in the Honey Badger arrive in the Chandrilla system to an uncharted debris field – the wreck of a CR-90 Corvette and an accompanying X-Wing squadron.
Paradise Falls and the Battle for the Cluster
Ghosts of Dathomir Part 9

Mission Roster

Confrontation For The Cluster

Zarcus, Zar, Darwin, Clox Voth and Ulnu face down a Jerserra and her forces in order to seize the Cluster.


Although they beat back Jerserra and her crew, it is not before Jerserra attempts to destroy the Cluster with a thermal detonator. Although Zarcus protected the Cluster, the blast rippled through the deck of the area, threatening to send Zar over into the chasm. Zarcus faced a grave choice, and chose to save the Cluster over his old friend.

Zarcus and Darwin, along with the bounty hunters, made a desperate escape through a passage Darwin uncovered.

Bringing the Hammer Down

Jibril has fallen unconscious on Paradise. Her mother, Kirnic, has called the others into the room. Kaida brings Jibril back to consciousness. Kirnic explains that it was not Irek who predicted their arrival, but a ‘child’. She goes to show them footage of this child, only to find that the child is missing – according to the guards, taken on the orders of Counsellor Rax.

Kirnic goes to contact Rax. Rax has been monitoring her, and explains that her usefulness is at an end. He orders the Galaxy Gun to fire upon the planet. It is not instant destruction but the massive blast cracks the planet, sending a tsunami of rocks towards the city.


Predator Squadron rapidly goes into evacuation mode. Dean attempts to find a hanger, but gets separated off and ends up finding some mysterious items in a vault-like room. One of these items is a small Jedi starfighter that he uses to escape and find the Honey Badger.

Jibril and her mother get separated as they move through the Citadel to find Irek. Jibril calls Kaida to get her mother, whilst she proceeds to find her half-brother. After a bit of ‘maintenance’ on some wall panels that contained weird lizard creatures, she allows Irek to free himself by blasting open the door. Irek starts burrowing into the floor.

Kaida and Riza are floor surfing down the side of the Citadel. They receive Jibril’s call for help and find Kirnic. They get to a hanger, finding that all the TIE Fighters are taking off (an evacuation order had sounded). They find a shuttle, but it’s engines are damaged – it was capable of atmospheric flight only.

Jibril dropped into the hanger with Irek, they all made it aboard the shuttle. They took off, just before the oncoming tsunami swept into the Citadel itself.

Docking aboard the Honey Badger, Dean sprinted to the cockpit and took over from the droid pilot. He took the ship and roared into the oncoming storm – lightning now crackling amongst the falling rocks. He spotted a small shuttle, desperately trying to escape the maelstrom, and of course the rest of the squad were on it.

Using his Corellian swag powers, he dodged and weaved the Honey Badger into the storm – pirouetting the ship like a ballerina – he swung around behind the shuttle, and latched onto their airlock. Kaida stayed behind to keep the ship level whilst everyone else got off. Jibril stayed at the airlock, refusing to leave without Kaida. They got across to the Honey Badger and detached the shuttle, watching as it plummeted into the storm and was swiftly destroyed.

Dean, kept the Honey Badger out of harms way, a massive roar rose over the storm, as the colossal 60km form of the Supremacy took off from underground, it’s main engines starting in sequence, igniting the storm in it’s wake. Spotting an opening in the rock formation closing in around them, Dean punched it towards the formation and escaped into open space.

They watched as the Supremacy manoeuvred toward the Galaxy Gun station, docking with it and preparing to jump to hyperspace. Suddenly the Honey Badger’s navicomputer lit up – they had an active hyperspace lane, finally. Kaida rapidly punched in the co-ordinates and fed them to Dean, they swiftly jumped to hyperspace before the Imperials could notice them.

Finally safe in hyperspace, they breathed a sigh of relief, all exhausted and weary from the mission. Dean explained what he’d found – showing the others the holocron and the lantern he’d acquired – the lantern was now glowing with a strange purple mist. As Jibril left to be with Irek, Kaida and Kirnic spoke, Kaida mentioning her decision to shoot the Galaxy Gun at Coruscant. Kirnic told her that the shot had been redirected to Dathomir.

Dark Deeds on Dathomir

Tobin, Tio, Cobra Talonbane and Mesa swept over the city, quickly evading an Imperial patrol that attempted to intercept them.

They found Darwin, Zarcus and the bounty hunters trying to escape from a stampeding herd of large lizard creatures. They brought the ship in low and they jumped on, Darwin having to cling to the landing gear before Zarcus lifted him to safety.

After a quick discussion Zarcus announced his intention to take the Cluster to his people – he had sacrificed too much for it. Tobin noticed at that moment that Zar was missing, and decided not to push the issue. The bounty hunters, however, did take issue with this – they had a job to do after all. Zarcus convinced them that it was not worth trying their luck right now. The bounty hunters, being reasonable about this, willingly were bundled into an escape pod so they could be shot towards their boss’s ship.

After disposing of the bounty hunters, they flew to Zarcus’s people’s village, where they were informed that the people were gathering at the Stone Circle – an ancient holy site.

Landing nearby, they bundled the Cluster onto a hover trolley and made their way through a crevasse lined with carved gargoyles (although Talonbane and Mesa stayed with the ship). Zarcus vouched for the others to the guards.

They came to a vast stone basin, filled with people – probably around a thousand people – Zarcus had never seen such a gathering of his clan before, he figured this must be near enough all of them. The altar was encircled by huge stone pillars (each about the size of the Honey Badger), the Night-Father was there.

The crowd let Zarcus pass with the Cluster, but the others had to stay on the edges. With the Cluster in place the Night-Father began his ritual – the crowd chanting in high voices, he ordered a group on a cliff-face above them to open sluice gates, that sent a vast torrent of the Water of Life cascading down upon the altar. It flooded into the opening beneath the walkways, and as Zarcus looked down he realised it was filled with the dead.

Finally the Night-Father said that Zarcus – as the one who successfully retrieved the Cluster – must have a special role within the ceremony. He presented Zarcus with a glass dagger, and bared his chest to him, begging Zarcus to kill him. After a moment’s hesitation, Zarcus did so.

The dagger embedded in the Night-Father’s chest started glowing green, energy pulsed between it and the Cluster, symbols on the stone pillars began glowing. The sky turned green and a beam of light stretched into the sky. Suddenly a tear appeared in the sky, rippling and stretching to form a portal.

Darwin, being the eminently sensible man that he is, decided he’d be better off aboard the ship and started to leave. Tobin and Tio went with him, but sneaked off to a rocky outcropping where they could watch. Although the Dathomirans haven’t spotted them yet, they do seem to be aware that they’re missing. Tobin found a barrel of drugs the Water of Life in a nearby stash.

The Night-Father’s body started rising towards the portal. Zarcus heard a voice asking him to come to them. Zarcus grabbed onto the Night-Father and rose towards the portal. Stretching out, he entered. After a blue flash of light he was in a room – brightly lit with white lights. A glowing green orb with a piece missing (the hole shaped perfectly like that of the Night-Father’s dagger). Zarcus slotted the dagger in place and he came face to face with a mysterious pale-faced woman in the mists of the orb.


Tobin received a strange vision of the future – Zarcus in the portal with a woman, the two of them running for it and jumping through before the world behind them explodes. Out of the ashes of that explosion, a colossal starship rising…


In the next room, Zarcus finds a stone statue of the woman, bringing it to the orb, the energies intermingle, and the statue re-forms into her body. Together they jump through the portal, she gracefully walking on air, slowing Zarcus’s descent down also. As she lands, silence rings throughout the area as every Zabrak in the area bows before Mother Talzin.

Rewards and Experience

  • 35 total XP this session.
    • 10 XP for the Nardathi Cluster chamber battle.
    • 5XP for securing the Nardathi Cluster.
    • 10 XP for escaping the Galaxy Gun blast.
    • 5 XP for successfully leaving Paradise.
    • 5 XP for delivering the Cluster to the Night-Father, and the Dathomiri ritual.
  • Dean acquired:
    • A Jedi Starfighter
    • A Green Lantern
    • A mysterious Holocron (passed to Kaida).
  • The Dathomir team acquired the Nardathi Cluster.
  • Zarcus has a small shard of the Cluster
  • Zarcus acquired Jerserra’s lightsaber.
  • Tobin acquired a small barrel of the Water of Life, it contains 10 vials worth of the stuff.
  • Kaida gained 5 conflict, rolling 7, going back up to 100.
  • Tobin gained 5 conflict, rolling 4, going down to 81.
  • Zarcus’s Morality was triggered this session. He gained 19 conflict, rolling 7, going down by 24 to 7.
The Reunion of Jibril and Kirnic

Paradise – 17:35


Today has been most perplexing for the pink haired angel known as Jibril. What had started out as an unexpected but otherwise routine infiltration of a Citadel in order to evacuate some colonists had turned in a direction she had not expected. As her face fell at the end of her utterance, her expression became muted, her thoughts dimmed as she turned to look out of the panoramic window overlooking the Imperial installation. The place, it seemed, looked to be ran by a lady in a golden headdress who proclaimed to be Kirnic Ismaren, her presumed dead mother.


The angel kept her back to Kirnic as she looked out of the window, her head beginning to hurt form the cascade of emotion surrounding the encounter, her wings at a comfortable retracted position. Not only had she found a person she believed to be dead but also had a half brother who, according to the lady in the golden headdress, was the true heir to Emperor Palpatine. It surprised Jibril herself that she was even still standing from all the revelations.

The glowing dusk of the evening began to dim a little as the thoughts of the angel were a mess as the light flooded the office room, the colour palette a swathe of primarily orange and sepia tones. She remained still as she experienced a uncomfortable sensation course through her.

M…mother? Half-brother?!… What have I done?!

Taking a moment to steady herself, the angel kept her back to the lady as she spoke with a faint trembling in her voice,
“S…So…” Jibril tried to start in a faint voice, “…You ar….are… c….comfortable here?” She felt an unusual tremor in her left index finger as she tried to continue,

Allez Jibril, prenez une respiration… (Come on Jibril, take a breath…)

Realising her finger had started twitching a little, she delicately moved her hands together in front of her and awaited a reply.

“Comfortable?” Kirnic begins, “Of course dear. My every need is tended to. Your brother is kept safe. The greatest hole in my heart, is now filled.”

She raises a hand to her face brushing away a tear.

“Jibril… Darling, there is so much that I have missed. So much to discuss…”

Kirnic pauses, looking solemnly down at the red carpet, it matches the red of her dress.

“It was not an easy adjustment. It took me a long time. But eventually I accepted this new life that the Force had chosen to throw me into. In time I hope you will see and understand”.

The Force? Pah!

Closing her eyes to the dusk for a brief moment, the angel muttered a silent curse at the mention before letting out a held breath to take in a new one to compose herself. Opening her green eyes back out on the cityscape, Jibril tried to focus through the simmering pain of emotion in her head before turning around to address Kirnic with a slightly more defiant tone.

“I….I normally only allow 3 questions.” The angel started, her voice stumbling a little, “B…but I’ll answer any questions you have i…if you consider that my very arrival w….wa….was a s…sign from… ‘The F… Force’…. to ch…chaaannge again.”

Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas avec moi? Je ne peux pas sortir mes mots! (What is wrong with me? I can’t get my words out!)

Kirnic heads over to a set of comfy-looking armchairs to one side of the room. As she sits, she gestures to another, offering it to Jibril. She presses a button on a cabinet next to the chair, a panel opens up at the top and a tea dispenser with cups rises to the top. She pours herself a cup and proffers one towards Jibril.

“I‘ll accept that it’s possible. I am no Jedi, but I do believe that the Force has a will and that it has willed us to meet again. After all, we reunite now after two decades and an ocean of stars apart”

Her hand clutches at a tassel on her dress, “I in turn will endeavour to answer any questions I can, of course. You must have so many. I’ve missed so much, we’ve lost so much time” she looks uncomfortable now, a shadow of the authoritative persona she projected in the lobby, “But first I must say that I’m sorry. I am sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most”.

Tilting her head slightly, Jibril watches Kirnic pour the tea as she pushes off the floor to float slowly towards her, the shadows of her wings evident on the wine red carpet. The drink that looked to be offered certainly didn’t look like or smell like poison to her. Considering her options for a moment, the angel took the cup from the lady and poured herself one before sitting down in the armchair. The deep, almost velvet textures were uncomfortable to the angel, who was more used to the rougher and more utilitarian fabrics any good cargo hold might have. This was perfectly obscene to the angel. It reminded her of the night she spent in luxury on the Angel’s Tear.

Still trembling a bit, the cup rattled a little in her hands as she let out,
" Merci " before taking a cautious sip of the tea. It was a bit warmer than she would have liked but at the moment, she wasn’t going to say anything. Jibril sighed as she continued, steadying herself as she spoke,
“Y….you f….f…..first.”

Kirnic focuses her eyes on Jibril, and Jibril gets the sense that Kirnic is really studying her. “Well, where to begin?” she chuckles, “I suppose I’ll start with the obvious – how are you? Are you well?”.

For a moment, the green eyes of Jibril were focused on the cup as she tried to steady herself for the questioning. However, a quietness in the tone stirred the Angel to look up and saw Kirnic focusing on her. For just a brief moment, a calm came over Jibril before she shuddered a little at a new pain, a familiar headache started to stir. She managed to keep a straight face as she replied carefully,
“2…24 years…. and you ask that?” Jibril stammered, almost surprised by the vagueness of the question. It was beginning to frustrate her that her words, master of them she normally was, was failing her right at this moment,
“W…Well… different is a word. N…N…not entirely the little girl you left down there… i…iii….nnnn….” Jibril’s words trailed off in a sea of mumbling. Clenching the cup hard as she grimaced at the cup, her focus on the liquid in the cup, she tried to focus on how to say the next few words but a little familiar voice distracted her.

Come on Jibril, look up.

The angel looked up, past Kirnic, to see a shadowy figure standing in the right hand corner of the room, by the window, arms crossed. There was no shadow being cast even though it was standing by the window. A pair of familiar wings stretched out a little.
“Jibril, focus on me.” the voice said calmly, “Tell her how you really are.”

“I…I am alive at least.” Jibril finished, recovering from her stress as her focus slowly returning to Kirnic, “T…Though I must confess, I am not quite the person I used to be.”

Kirnic looks down and nods, “Yes, I suppose it is a rather large question. But it is the one that reflects my main concern. I suppose my first question should really be, are you happy?”.

The shadowy figure moves closer to reveal it is Kirina. Taking a position behind Kirnic, wings now outstretched a little further, Jibril tried refocused on Kirnic as she asked her question but was stunned. A reserved smile came over Kirina,
“I want you to take a breath Jibril… I know how you feel about that sort of question.” She said quietly. Quickly looking up, Jibril sharpened her eyes at Kirina and snapped…
…before looking back at Kirnic with a sharpened resolve, her verbiage restored,
" Happy… Define happy for me. Do I pretend to think that today is a happy occasion?" Jibril hissed, thundering on, "To find that my long presumed dead mother is alive, to find I am related in some way, to the former emperor of the Empire? To find I have a half-brother who seems to be more of an abomination than I am?! If you mean happy as in to be alive… as I said, I am not quite the person I used to be. Over 20 years stuck in the pit, in the rotting corpse of that world, lost, dead. HAPPY?! "

Angrily setting the cup down, Jibril jumped up and paced quickly over to the window, a small tear coming from the angel as her back was turned, as she finished with a hint of exhaustion,
“I am lucky to be alive at all. In fact…” a small manic chuckle came out from Jibril as she shuffled a little towards the centre of the window, “…I was reborn of that place.” A rush of air ran across the room as Jibril opened her wings to block out as much of the dusk’s light from the window as possible. She was sure it would leave Kirnic and Kirina in much more darkness than before, finishing with a darkening tone,
“I am free of the pain from my past live down there… the life you left me to.”

Kirnic draws back into her chair, but she steadily holds Jibril’s gaze, “After your father… After he died, I made a lot of mistakes. I was a fool, lost and overwhelmed. I don’t say this to excuse my actions but the errors compounded until the situation was beyond my control. I have wished dearly that I could have taken back my actions that night. I lost everything I held dear, and what’s worse is that it cost you the most”.

Kirnic slowly raises herself to her feet, pressing her hands together, “Jibril, I cannot begin to imagine what you have gone through. I… I can’t change the past, but I hope we can build a future together”.

Kirina titled her head slightly, a rather plain expression on her as she walked up to the upset angel,
“Jibril…” she started reaching out with her left hand to touch Jibril’s distraught face, “…ask her about the necklaces. It might help answer some of our pain.”

Retracting her wings downward back to their retracted state, the re-emerging light showed that Jibril’s eyes continued to water, a few more tears trickled down her face as she held the necklaces in her hands. She singularly stood there, alone, for a few minutes as she tried to think of a question to ask Kirnic,

“It is useless to think of the future without understanding the past.” Jibril cryptically started as she moved towards Kirnic, “You mentioned these before… there is a faint inscription on them that I’ve never been able to read. Where did they come from and what does it say?” she finished quietly, leaning forwards to show the pendants to Kirnic but keeping a tight hold of the chains around her neck.

For a moment Kirnic reaches for the necklace, a wistful expression on her face, but she holds back.

“I had this for you when you were born. I hoped it would help you, so that you might always find you way home in the end”.

Seeming to resolve herself, Kirnic steps forward and points, tracing with her finger as she speaks, “The green is the Mantari Rainforest, one of the most pristine in the galaxy. Even the Ithorians revered it as much as their own Mother Jungle. The blue is the Glarus Lagoons, a deep inland sea. They were near our home, I loved to play there and explore them as a girl and hoped that one day you would too”.

She begins tracing the inscription, “This is a reminder,” she says, “a reminder that you are loved, that you always have a home with me and your father. It says, ‘Jibril Kirina Parastrel, you are never forgotten,’”.

Kirnic finishes tracing the inscription, wiping away a tear, “by Alderaan”, she whispers.

Alderaan? Parastrel??

The angel’s face went white, her eyes shaking, now lost in a sea of disbelief as she went cold and numb. Leaning back up, releasing her grip on the chains, Jibril felt very faint but managed to look up to see Kirina standing behind Kirnic, her face a pained expression of surprise.
“…I….I…” Jibril stuttered, her lips trembling as she shut her eyes and fell to her knees, her wings smacking down on the floor in a most uncoordinated manner. She felt a light, comforting touch come to her face as a familiar voice softly whispered,
“Jibril, this makes sense. I told you Coruscant never felt like home. You felt this on Chandrila, at the restaurant with Kaida and Dean.”

Wha… wha…. what do I do now??!

Jibril remained in a stunned silence for a few moments, tears now flowing freely from her eyes as she retracted into a ball on the floor, her wings encircling her. She could still feel the presence of Kirina over her but with the failing light and the darkness within her own space, Jibril felt as if the rug has been completely pulled from under her. She held herself tight on the floor for a few moment trying desperately to feel secure.

Non non Non! Cela ne peut pas être vrai! (No, no, no! This can’t be true!)

After a minute or two, a small voice finally came from the ball on the floor,
“H…how did we end up on Coruscant then?” Jibril finally started with a defeated voice, relaxing her wings to be able to see Kirnic and Kirina, “Neither of us k…know… how?”

A brief flash of confusion crosses Kirnic’s face, but it passes quickly. She crouches down so she’s at eye-level with her daughter.

“Your father, he was a member of the Royal Court, he worked for the Senator’s Office. We had planned to live on Alderaan, and he would work from Aldera. But then the Separatist Crisis started up – Dooku’s Raxus address, separatist movements springing up on Kashyyyk and Ryloth – the Senate was in chaos. Your father was called to Coruscant urgently, and you were born en route”.

Kirnic looks up, as if lost in happier memories for a moment. Suddenly she appears shocked, “No… Why that was… That was twenty-nine years ago this week…” she reaches for Jibril’s hand, “You were born two weeks later”.

The feeling of being held enraptured the angel. It was welcome, a faint feeling of certainty about a life she couldn’t remember but it was shrouded in confusion and upset. Looking up to Kirnic, JIbril tried to grip onto her hands as best she could but could only manage a small squeeze before her doubt came to haunt her. With the failing dusk light, the office lighting started to glow a very familiar artificial warm light.

It was almost as if she was back on Coruscant again.

Pulling away, Jibril managed to stand up in front of Kirnic. The expression of Kirina, who according to Jibril, was standing besides her, became confused as she walked slowly around the crouching Kirnic,
“My… I wonder if she is lying just to get you on side? I wonder how she knew we were coming to this place? I wonder what Irek really is? She is not filling me with any confidence Jibril. Saying you are Alderaanian” she spoke slowly with a haughty voice, her expression becoming more disbelieving as she moved back to stand besides Jibril. Jibril staggered backwards with her back facing the window as she tried to reconcile her thoughts, leaving Kirnic and Kirina in the middle of the room,

Qui suis je? Que se passe-t-il!? Allez réfléchir, que voudrait-elle que nous fassions? (Who am I? What is going on!? Come on think, what would she want us to do?)

“So….” Jibril slowly started after a few moments of pause, trying to recompose herself in the face of all the new information, steadying herself with deep breaths, “….what is this place?” Her green eyes looked up at the vision of Kirina, “How odd. I…If this indeed P….Paradise, then…. h…how did you know we were c…c…coming?”

A sharp intake of breath came from Jibril as the simmering pain in her head suddenly reared its ugly head and momentarially fazed Jibril, clenching her left hand into a fist to try and distract herself from the pain. Kirina rushed forwards in concern, ignoring the elder on the floor,
“Jibril ma chérie, tes médicaments! (Jibril my dear, your medication!)”

Kirnic gives a short laugh as she stands, walking towards the desk.

“It is a long story, my dear,” she says, “but I think the name itself started as a little joke on Sheev’s – sorry, the Emperor’s – part”.

She turns towards the window, looking out over the cityscape, “This place was designed as a sort of galactic safe-house for the Emperor. I’m not entirely sure why he felt the need to establish a colony along with it – perhaps he needed the workforce, or perhaps he simply wanted people to rule over,” she shakes her head, “It’s secure, hard to find and self-sufficient – all good qualities in a base”.

“When Irek was a child, he was injured. Badly. His wounds would have killed anyone else, they should have killed him. But by the Force, he survived. He was transferred here for recovery. For a long time I thought that was it, that I had lost both of my children. But after a few years the Emperor brought me here too”.

“You see, it seems as though Irek would break out. Frequently and violently, he would blow past every security measure they employed. He would wander the city. Palpatine thought Irek may be seeking his family. So here I came, I calm him down”.

Kirnic turns back to Jibril, she clearly looks concerned, “As for how we knew you’d come, that’s complicated… the child knew you would arrive”.

She comes back to Jibril, reaching out to her, “Are you alright, Jibril? Do you need a medic?”

Non” Jibril blurted out, the strain lessening, “It is… merely the shock of a long day catching up with me.” She put her hand on the desk to steady herself as she watched Kirina come up behind Kirnic,
“The child? Irek? Tch, how perverse. One wonders how that freak of nature knew if he can barely comprehend Basic, let alone anything else.” Kirina hissed.

Another pain came to Jibril but found herself able to suppress it for the moment. The angel let out a momentary laugh,
“D…Did you know I am a doctor myself? Jibril said with a light chuckle. A faint chuckle came from Kirina as well. It was ironic to say the least.

Jibril moved away from the desk, still uncomfortable at all the information being presented to her but kept focus on Kirnic as she recalled any similar situations she had found herself recently and back on Coruscant,
“So Irek is my half-brother….” she started with a shudder, “…and you are my mother…” her voice trailed off as she moved over back to the tea on the arm of the armchair, picking it back with with more resolve than the first time,
“You have to appreciate… I want to believe you. It answers…. so many questions I have. " She slowly took a sip of the tea. It was a Tarine Tea.

Must run in the family…

Looking back over at the elderly lady and Kirina, Jibril stopped to think for a moment before taking a seat in the armchair, slowly become more secure in herself,
“Tell me Kir…. Mère (Mother), Irek forsaw me, forsaw us coming? He, and by extension you, opened the path for us?” Her eyes looked down at the tea, “You set this all up for us. We’ve been playing in tune into your plan…” A deep seated mix of regret and pain started to rise within as Kirina came over to her side to stand silently besides her,
“…I have died too many times to be a pawn in someone elses plan.” Jibril continued in a darkened tone, “Coruscant, Ogoth Tiir… I am not interested in why Paradise exists. I only assume the Galaxy Gun exists either as a monument to yours or Step Daddy dearest own desire to shape the galaxy as you see fit. A failure of logic, no gun, no shelling… no death… can ever replace the pain. The dead are useless Mère, they cannot help fix what is wrong with the living. No gun can ever help with that either.”

Her voice became fragile for a moment. Kirina kept a stern expression at Kirnic,
“I asked you to change the target to Dathomir because it was simply a numbers equation.” A small tear rolled down her cheek, “I have a rule. I possess no lethal guns. Too often I saw thugs down in the Underworld wield them with inflated egos and terrorising inncocents down there, drunk on their own power only afforded to them by a machine that cares not for it’s targets. The Galaxy Gun is the single biggest symbol of that I could possibly think of. Coruscant may be the source of our collective pain, the point at which our lives went wrong but there over a trillion souls on that planet…. and I doubt they are all as corrupted as we think they are.”

Jibril took in a slow, measured breath before exhaling slowly to continue, still staring at the tea,
“I told you Dathomir is a stain on the galaxy. The fact is I’ve never been there, only met one person from that place. He is… well… he is from there.” She looked up at Kirnic as she continued with an unnerving gaze, “The deaths of all the souls from the change in target is on me and me alone… and I will need to learn to live with that… and I can… because I saved so many more in the process.” Kirina looked down at Jibril and smiled gently.
“You’ve learnt…” she whispered before returning her gaze to Kirnic.

Jibril took a moment before sipping her tea slowly, setting it down on the arm of the armchair and standing up, her voice becoming softer,
“I won’t be able to tell anyone of this, not even the person I am deeply, maddeningly in love with. The three souls in the next room will most likely want to kill Irek… and you if you give them reason. I don’t want that, I want you and Irek to come with me, join me on my journey to find a new home.” She pushed herself off the floor to hover upwards a little before spreading her wings out and lighting them with a soft white glow, all the shadows of the room expelled. Becoming more vocal, Jibril pleaded,
“Mother… please… let me save you and my brother whilst I still have time. All you’d have to do is come with me willingly and help us evacuate as many as possible. I am your daughter, an angel reborn from my pain and suffering of Coruscant. Perhaps this is the Force at work but please Mother, I, Jibril Kirina Parastrel, love you!”

“Ah!” Jibril suddenly cried out, almost falling to the floor in pain but managing to drop down onto the floor, the light from her wings shutting off. Before Kirnic could do anything, Jibril pushed out her right hand to stop her before reaching for a bottle with her left but found it missing. She looked up at Kirnic in pain and smiled bitterly through her own pain,
“How ironic…”

“Jibril, I don’t need saving,” Kirnic begins with a wry smile, “I understand why you may think that I do, but I don’t. Besides, it would be too risky to try to move Irek – both for him and for those around us”.

“Over the years I have worked my way into a position of trust here. Eventually power. Counsellor Rax has been of great help in that regard. The Emperor may be dead, but I can now use the tools that he has built to protect my son – he is the rightful heir to the throne, why shouldn’t they be used in this manner? I can protect you too”.

Kirnic looks as though she wants to step towards Jibril, but she holds herself back.

“As for Coruscant,” Kirnic sighs, for a moment she looks lost, but then her composure reasserts itself, “Perhaps you are right. It is the symbol of all our pain. I acted rashly in targeting it with the Galaxy Gun – although it is nowhere near as blunt a tool as the Death Star. It can be both sledgehammer and scalpel”.

Now she does approach, just a little.

“I wonder,” she says, “Perhaps I misunderstood your intentions in redirecting to Dathomir. I apologise. I was overwhelmed by the emotion of reconnecting with you”.

“I realise you may need some time to process things. We have both had quite the day. Both you and your companions are welcome here as my honoured guests. I’ll ensure that no harm will come to any of you, you have my word”.


The simmering headache struck again with more force. The angel gritted her teeth and made a fist with her left hand . The pain was mounting and without medication or intervention, it would surely reveal itself. However, right at this moment, rather than feel liberated or mindlessly open as she had done on Lothal or on the way to Chandrila, this time Jibril felt hurt, confined and very alone. Shakily looking up at Kirina, the vision was becoming faded. She looked down at Jibril with saddened eyes as JIbril continued to grit against the mutation,
“I don’t think you can save her ma chérie. She is too caught up in all of this, too obsessed with that… creature… that is your half-brother., too obsessed with the world of which she is a part of. You may need to let her go.”

Non, je peux la sauver (No, I can save her)

Crouching on the floor, Jibril wearily looked up and shook her head in anguish,
“Please M…mother.” she spluttered but the pain in her head continued, “W….We…. have to l…leeeaveee. Our… colleagues are expecting us and…. the colonists here…” she found her breath becoming short and shallow, “…they are… in… ddanger. They… are disappearing and we don’t know why!”

Inching forwards towards Kirnic, a pained smile appeared on Jibril as she reached out with her left hand,
“I… I don’t want to lose you again b…but…. I can’t stay here and I can’t gu….guarantee your safety if I leave. They are so… so…” Jibril again found her words failing her. Stopping to compose herself, her hand lowering, she felt her heart race as her head lowered,
“It is f…funny. Love clearly doesn’t motivate anyone unless it suits them. Y…You claim to w…ant to build a future with and yet are unwilling to take a leap of faith and join your angel.”

Finding the strength to stand up, Jibril found herself rather unsteady but found eventually found some balance,
“Heh… My C…Correlian friend wondered about a bedtime story about a Lord Nyax… I w…wonder if Irek is the source of that?
I…w…wonder if you are s…so blinded by w…wanting to keep him safe, to be heir to a th..throne that no longer exists, that you’d sacrifice your own daughter again. What is Irek? What has he got that I don’t? H…Heritage? The… F…Force? The W…Wraith?”

Sacrifice… ahahaha… how ironic…

A piercing scream came from the angel, which surely could be heard from the other room as she fell to the floor again, her wings smacking the door to the corridor connecting the two rooms, now clearly unwell. Jibril looked up in terror to see a figure hissing right by her, holding her right hand.
“Ignore her…. she doesn’t want you… the person you claim to love doesn’t want you… only I want you….” it hissed in a grin. A sweat came over Jibril as she hurriedly tried to find the bottle again.

Jibril couldn’t find the bottle. She was uncertain as to wherever it was on her person or not in the first place but was sure she had packed it at one stage but without it…
Mère, please!! Fetch Kaida!” Jibril screamed in pain. She tried squeezing her hands into a fist again but found it didn’t help this time.
“Hahaa… stop resisting… you can’t save yourself, let alone some absent mother, hell bent on her own destruction. She doesn’t want you, she wants your brother, the power crazed harridan.” The voice hissed again.

“Jibril, you’re clearly unwell and you’re clearly upset,” Kirnic says, “we have one of the most advanced medical facilities in the galaxy here, please let me help you”.

Kirnic goes over to the desk and begins inputting commands into an intercom system.

“I’ll just call your friend. Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright”.

After finishing with the intercom, Kirnic rushes back over to Jibril’s side.

“I don’t want to lose you, Jibril. I’ve only just found you. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”

“Haahahaa…. sssshes the witch who abandoned you when you were 4 years old. Come on Jibril, there is nothing for you here, nothing for you to claim.” The voice hissed deeply down Jibril’s right ear. Sweating more profusely, the angel shakily looked up at Kirnic, grabbing hold of her dress to pull herself towards her,
“Wha… what is your connection with the Wraith and F…Fenris?!!” Jibril seethed in pain, her voice becoming more agonised “I… I don’t want to lose you again e….either but…. PLEASE!!”

“Please Mère …” Jibril gripped hold of the dress tighter with watery eyes, the feeling of despair from her time at her last orphanage came flooding to her, her breath ragged and filled with fear as she desperately tried to ignore the demon within, “…I….I…. I can’t lose you again! M… M…y… destiny does not belong here, Kirina told me that! F…fo..r too long, I have been abandoned, rejected again, and a…again and again. I… I am not t…the… little mute you left behind, d..deep in the pits of death of C…Coruscant….”

Je t’aime (I love you)…

Summoning all of her sapping strength, Jibril made her final plea and shouted,
“I AM JIBRIL KIRINA PARASTREL, AN ANGEL REBORN FROM MY DEATH! I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE YOU OR MY BROTHER BEHIND!!!” A sudden hacking cough broke out as Jibril tried to draw breath which interrupted her briefly before pressing on,
“B…But… I can’t stay, I have to follow, to watch over, to counsel, t…to befriend, to protect the one I love and I… I can’t lose her either! I would kill for her… I’d kill myself if I had to if… it meant saving her. S…she would kill everyone here if s…she had to. I love her!”

….Kaida Valentine

Her voice became more croaked and horase from the effort, the hissing laughter momentarally faded. Jibril wasn’t sure if she could see Kirina behind Kirnic but for a fleeting moment, she was sure it was her,
“A…and I can’t risk e…either of your safety. S…so pp…pplease, let m…e save you! I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE KILLED!”

The hissing laughter faded as Jibril’s senses became numbed and then blacked out. Her grip on the dress slackened and the wings became deadweights as Jibril fell to the floor in a heap, sweat pouring off her brow. As she faded out of conscious, Jibril was sure she heard a soft, comforting voice whisper in her left ear,
" Mon ange merveilleux… (My wonderful angel…) "

As Jibril collapses, Kirnic rushes to her side. She clutches her hand and whispers,
" _ Mon ange merveilleux. Attendez. L’aide est en route. Ne pars pas, reste avec moi! _ "
(My wonderful angel. Hold on. Help is on the way. Don’t go, stay with me!)”

Tears stream down from Kirnic‘s face, “Hurry up! Get in here!” she yells.

Kirnic grabs some ice and a cloth from the drinks dispenser cabinet and begins applying it to Jibril’s forehead. She brushes a strand of Jibril’s hair off her face as she tenderly strokes her cheek.
Jibril, tu as raison. Je suis un imbécile – tu n’es pas la petite fille que j’ai laissée derrière. Keezion voudrait que nous soyons ensemble. Irek est compliqué, mais nous allons résoudre le problème ensemble. Je ne sais pas où dans la galaxie serait sans danger pour nous ce n’est pas ici, mais nous pouvons faire face ensemble en famille
(Jibril, you’re right. I’m a fool – you’re not the little girl I left behind. Keezion would want us to be together. Irek is complicated, but we will figure things out – together. I don’t know where in the galaxy would be safe for us that isn’t here, but we can face this together as a family)

The door opens and a pair of medical droids burst in, they’re swiftly followed by some guards. Kirnic quickly assumes a composed expression. At Kirnic’s direction they quickly swoop on Jibril’s unconscious body. Kirnic points at one of the guards,
“There are people in the lobby under guard with General Wieserly bring them here immediately. The General too. Do not delay”. The guard snaps to attention and sprints off. She turns to the other guards,
“Check on Conai’s status. And find out where Counsellor Rax is, I haven’t heard from him since the breach”.

As the remaining guards hurry off in a flurry of activity, Kirnic crouches between the medical droids next to Jibril, her composed mask slipping once more.
Tiens bon, mon ange,” she mutters, “la route devant nous est peut-être raide, mais nous le ferons ensemble Attends encore un peu, mon ange. Continuer à se battre. Je prends un acte de foi
(Just hold on, my angel… the road ahead may be steep, but we will face it together. Hold on just a little longer, my angel. Keep fighting. I’m taking a leap of faith)


Behold Lord Nyax! Heir to the Empire!
Ghosts of Dathomir Part 8

Mission Roster

Trouble in Paradise

  • Jibril raids the lab. Finds some info.
  • Kaida battles the Fenris beast. She stuns it, and although she intimidated the stormtroopers and general, the general asks nicely for her to come with him so she complies.
  • Jibril and Riza meet the real science director and her royal guard escorts. They’re captured.
  • Dean and his new BFF Inquisitor move through a busted room looking for the Lady’s son. They realise that he’s climbed out of the room and is on the outside of the skyscraper.
  • Dean takes a team of Stormtroopers up wards whilst the Inquisitor descends. Dean’s team are picked off one by one – some are choke/thrown off the structure, others have their lines cut. Meanwhile the cloud rolls in.
  • Dean’s team comes to a balcony and enters into a study. There they find Irek/Nyax, who ignites a ton of lightsaber blades. The stormtroopers hold him off whilst Dean flees, desperately searching for a turbolift. Finally Dean sneaks into the lift, narrowly evading Nyax. Dean heads for the penthouse.
  • Everyone else has been brought to the penthouse, and are under the watchful eyes of the Royal Guards and the general.
  • The Lady arrives and is briefed on the situation. Jibril catches her attention, and the Lady’s asks her her name, and where she acquired her necklace. You see the Lady name is Kirinic, and she used to have a daughter named Jibril on Coruscant.

Entering Otera Zero-Twenty – The Haunted City

  • Zarcus has a brief conversation with the Singing Mountain Clan elder. She says the Cluster has brought a great darkness to Dathomir, and the Night-Father may do so also. Zarcus asks for her advice and she says that if he wants to find the right path, he must look within himself and trust his heart,
  • They arrive at the edge of the city, the clan will take them no further. Darwin and Zarcus enter the city with Clox Votn and Ulnu the bounty hunters.
  • They travel for several hours through the ruins, carefully picking their way through the uneven terrain. Progress is slow and difficult, it’s as if the air itself has an oppressive quality.
  • They come to a series of pools, Zarcus realised they’re inhabited. He has Ulnu fire at the creature, unfortunately this just rouses the Sprantal nest. Ulnu blast them an exit and they narrowly escape into a tunnel through a ruin.
  • Zarcus and Darwin are briefly frozen in a flash of green light, as they’re peppered with tons of energy needles that pulled upwards from deep below.
  • They find a pit and stare descending into the depths,
  • Progress is slow going down here, they have to carefully avoid bits of debris and worn flooring.
  • They come to a buckled corridor that is clearly 90 degrees sideways, so their ‘floor’ is actually the right-hand wall. Spirit flames shoot up around them and the spectres of the Damned claw at them. Zarcus and the bounty hunters make it across, but Darwin reaches out for a spectre, they try (unsuccessfully) to pull him to join them in the depths.

Talonbane’s 6

  • Talonbane has 30% of a plan. They may in fact be a little lost…
  • Tio locates Talonbane’s camp, but they fall foul of a trip mine that sets of flame-throwers, disco lights and loud speakers. A voice from behind them asks them to “Reach for the sky”. It’s Mesa, she’s guarding the camp.
  • They arrive at the Syndicate camp to find the Duros known as ‘Fireblade’ playing electric guitar on top of their ship. Talonbane excuses himself for a few moments. This leaves Tobin and Tio in the hands of Mesa for a while, who explains in great detail how she’s been researching Skye law – as the challenged party to an honour duel by Galish, it is Mesa who gets to choose the weapons or mounts to do the duel in (Galish gets to pick location), so she intends to pick her ship as her weapon/mount – nothing explicitly forbids it!
  • Talonbane comes back and explains that Grentho is in possession of something the Syndicate want (although he’s evasive on the details). They’ve managed to rule out his skyhook and now his yacht as locations, this leaves only one secure facility where the item could be located – a casino built into the wreck of a Star Destroyer orbiting Nar Shaddaa that Grentho has invested in.
  • Talonbane wants to know if Tobin and Tio fancy joining him on this heist? Unfortunately Tobin has duties here. Still Talonbane offers to give them a lift to the city to pick up their friends, and then he offers to drop them on another planet on their way to Nar Shaddaa if they prefer.

Family Reunions

  • Before Jibril and her mother can really talk, Irek -apparently Jibril’’s brother – bursts in. He shrugs off the four royal guards, and even Kaida’s stun cannon. He makes his way to Riza and attempts to grab her by the throat, but she cannily evades his grasp.
  • Jibril and her mother work together to attempt to calm Irek down – Jibril emphasising family, and that Riza is her daughter. Irek pauses and deactivates his lightsabers. Jibril and her mother lead him downstairs and put him in a secured bed chamber.
  • Back upstairs, her mother explains to Jibril that she didn’t abandon her on purpose – she was taken by people she owed money to and sold to someone from the Empire (This was around 24 years ago). She was entered into the Emperor’s harem, Irek is his son – the rightful heir to the Imperial throne.
  • She explains that they’re perfectly safe here.
  • Jibril asks why she targeted Coruscant with the Galaxy Gun, Kirinic explains that Coruscant is where she lost everything – her daughter, her husband. She has so much to tell Jibril.
  • Jibril convinces Kirnic to change the Galaxy Gun’s target to Dathomir. Kirnic says they could just fire a second shot, but Jibril asks why waste ammo, besides two shots raises the chance of detection.

In The Ruins: As Above, So Below

  • Zarcus has a brief vision of Ves, her spirit hanging in the air, but as if submerged in water, she reaches out for him but they can’t quite touch. The Night-Father explains that he can bring her back, he can bring them all back and save their planet against a prophesied doom. He plans to proceed with or without Zarcus, but it would be easier with Zarcus and easier with the Cluster. Zarcus makes the Night-Father not to sacrifice his friends (or himself) in return for his aid in getting the Cluster.
  • Zarcus and Darwin proceed through the wreckage of what appears to be a refinery of some kind. They come to a colossal chasm bridged by the wreckage of a conveyor belt. Zarcus spots the silhouettes of some Night-brothers across the way. He goes over to them and talks them out of attacking his group, he even talks them into allowing him to pass. They’ll let Zarcus (and Zar) through, but not his companions.
  • Zarcus approaches the area he believes is the location of the Cluster…

The green glow gets brighter the closer you approach the container. The pulsing lights that move up the superstructure and into the ceiling are more intense and frequent. They clearly radiate outward from the glow. The draining feeling through the Force Magics is also much greater, and very unpleasant. Zarcus senses that at least one person is already there ahead of him.

  • Zarcus throws off the effects of the Cluster and proceeds forward.
  • He finds huge cargo containers, one is the source of the green glow. The area around it has modern tools and a large repulsor sled lie amongst the debris.

The wide batch to the bulk container is open, and the greenish-yellow glow is the brightest you have seen thus far. The contrast between light and dark makes it difficult to look in that direction, but you manage to standing silhouetted in the opening. Behind him, there appears to be another silhouetted figure further in the container.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for entering the Haunted City and successfully evading the Sprantal from their nest.
  • 5XP for evading the souls of The Damned and the fire that consumed them.
  • 10XP for dealing with the Nightbrother ambush.
  • 5XP for dealing with the Fenris monstrosity and the break-out.
  • 10XP for the family reunion and successfully dealing with Lord Nyax’s bedtime.
  • Morality changes.
  • “The GMs Brain Right Now”:
This Mission Keeps Getting Worse All The Time
Ghosts of Dathomir - Part 6

Mission Roster

  • On Dathomir, Darwin battles a Night-Brother in the Dusk Mynock. After unsuccessfully throwing the Zabrak out of the cargo hold, Darwin infuses his fist with the power of gravity to kill the Zabrak.


  • Tobin and Tio flee from the Rancor via mechanical bear. They lead the Rancor through a narrow passageway, trapping it in a rock-slide. Unfortunately the Rancor’s bellows rouse a horde giant-alligator-like creatures, which stampede. Tio stands up on the bear for a better vantage point and closes her eyes. She guides Tobin to a shortcut out of the canyon, they see a city in the horizon and head towards it.


  • Zarcus arrives at the Dusk Mynock’s landing site, to watch it jet off into the distance. Two Night-Brothers explain that they unsuccessfully attempted to capture the Dowutin for the Night-Father. Zarcus decides to leave his people, comming Darwin to meet him.
  • Darwin decides to pick up Tobin first just to be safe.
  • On ‘Paradise’ Operation Grand Theft AT-AT proceeds. They quickly found themselves surrounded within the city, bombarded by a strange TIE Fighter (from longer range than should have been possible), and an AT-ACT with mounted proton torpedoes.
  • The crew escaped into a department store, where Kaida dealt with the security droids. Kaida, Jibril, Dean and Riza escaped into the streets, evading pursuit and making their way to the Citadel perimeter.
  • Darwin picked up Tobin and Tio, before heading back to meet Zarcus.
  • Zarcus spotted a pair of patrolling TIE Fighters from his chosen meeting point, so moved on – rearranging to meet the others at his village (where they initially landed on the planet). Zarcus encountered the bounty hunter crew of the Raquor’s Tooth – the trident-wielding Gank, Clox Voth and the bow-wielding Quarren, Ulnu. The bounty hunters set up a life-form scanner to root Zarcus out, before setting fire to his hiding place. Aftera brief fight in which he ripped off the laser cannons from their ship, Zarcus was captured.


  • The others arrived on the scene to the vessel taking off, the village on fire below. It didn’t take them long to work out what happened, so they pursued. Tobin dived out of the Dusk Mynock and boarded the bounty hunter ship. It became apparent they were making for a large starship with a massive solar sail approaching from above. Darwin delayed them from (using his patented ‘rocket-fist’ manoeuvre). The bounty hunters retaliated with a blast from their proton torpedoes, crippling the Dusk Mynock sending it hurtling to the ground.
  • Tobin used Misdirect to trick the pilot into opening the rear cargo ramp. He got aboard and after a brief struggle with the Gank and the Quarren, managed to get Zarcus out of the ship with a grav-chute.
  • Despite Tio and Darwin’s best efforts, the Dusk Mynock plummeted to the ground, smashing deep into the Dathomiri jungle – Tobin getting a brief glance of the ship spinning out of control as he fell. The ship dug a deep trough through the undergrowth and before TIo and Darwin could react, the ship smashed into a solid rock, ripping apart the port-side engine block. The ship came screeching to a halt. Darwin and Tio grabbed what they could, loading it onto the bear and departed. They looked back as the mud began to seep up the side of the Dusk Mynock, the planet claiming the craft.


  • The ‘Paradise’ team found a maintenance gate open on the side of the Citadel wall, they entered and found themselves faced with a colossal chasm. As they studied the area they realised the entire facility was designed to mimic the shape of the Imperial cog. They were quite a distance from the nearest catwalk, which was clearly patrolled.
  • Jibril tested the defences over the chasm by throwing a piece of scrap metal over – it quickly attracted the attention of an Imperial probe droid. Kaida used her rocket-pants to propel herself over the distance and grab hold of a maintenance hatch far down the opposite side.
  • This hatch was also unlocked, Riza and Dean zip-lined their way across and inside. Dean was spotted on his way across, but Kaida blasted the droid. Unfortunately Jibril was spotted on her way across (via her wings) and was picked up by probe droids. Despite the odds Jibril convinced the droids she was from maintenance, and needed to find the quartermaster. The droids helpfully offered to drop her off at the correct level.
  • As Jibril entered the Citadel, she managed to access a maintenance lift and got a brief look around.
    • The level she entered on was some sort of large maintenance bay.
    • The level below that was a vast vehicle bay containing every arrangement of Imperial ground vehicle imaginable.
    • It didn’t stop at the ground floor.
    • There were 3 basement levels:
      • B-1 was tight, filled with various pipes
      • On B-2 she was met with 4 massive conduits surrounding the elevator, each pulsating with an orange glow.
      • B-3 was pitch black outside of the immediate area by the lift.
  • Jibril convinced the droid operating the lift to explore outside his bounds – convincing it to take a vacation. It decided to go against its nature and explore the very depths of the facility.
  • Jibril reunited with Dean, Kaida and Riza on Basement 2. Their entry was quiet.
  • They decide to call the lift, the droid stationed at the lift responds on the intercomm – it’s just reaching the restricted zone. It proceeds, horrifically screaming. The lift returns, empty. So of course, the group decide to head down and see what happened.
  • Jibril hovers above the lift, providing light with her wings.
  • They get to the 10th basement level. Kaida overrides the security protocols, opening up a hatch, allowing the lift to continue down the shaft. The computer asks them to confirm they wish to proceed – yes or no? They confirm. The lift descends into darkness. Jibril attempts to follow, but is unable to get through, catching her legs in the irising hatch as it shuts, crippling them. Jibril did notice, however, bio-scanners built into the hatch, which would have scanned the lift as it entered.
  • On the other side of the hatch, Kaida, Riza and Dean have problems of their own. The readout reports that unauthorised access has been detected and that automated purging protocols have been activated. A disintegration beam extends across the top of the lift-shaft and slowly moves down towards them. Riza starts hacking at the floor with her lightsaber and extending a rope down into the abyss – she can’t see the bottom, it’s nowhere near enough. Kaida overrides the computer system, disabling the beams and allowing the lift to proceed.

At the bottom of the lift shaft they find a colossal blast door – clearly made from thickly armoured durasteel.

As Kaida and Dean attempted to get through the blast door, Kaida attempted to peer into the future. She saw herself in a vast throne room, a shadowed figure is slumped on the throne. Behind the throne there is a vast black tapestry. Kaida turns around to see a small child. She raises the lightsaber and goes to strike the child.

Back to the present, Kaida pulled out her forensics kit and began dusting for prints on the keyboard. Through this method she eventually uncovered the passcode and entered it.

The blast door locks released – massive bolts inserted into the door retracted into the floor and ceiling, then the door opened…

Kaida and Dean stepped into the doorway, they found themselves on a large catwalk overlooking a vast cavern. The cavern houses a massive facility, no a ship – 60km wide, layers of scaffolding and cranes are scattered around the hull.


Rewards and Experience

  • 10XP for the session.
  • 5XP for the trauma inflicted this session.
  • Tobin gained a 10 point Bounty Obligation on Tobin Stryder/the Chameleon for stealing Grentho’s property.
  • Tobin gained 1 conflict, rolling 2, going up to 81.
  • Zarcus’s Morality triggered this session. He gained 2 conflict, rolling 8, going up to 23.
  • Sadly the Dusk Mynock is dust.
    • Random note, if desired Darwin and Tio could over-burden the bear with more stuff, it just may make things difficult when navigating terrain. Just a thought. The bear droid has a total Encumbrance value of 14.
  • Jibri’s legs are crippled.
    • (I realise these aren’t exactly rewards but thought I’d better keep track).

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